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Certain tourists can still “put away ten pints before lunch” but they leave a better tip than they used to and are more polite.

And they’re not Australian.

It’s the Brits we’re talking about – the ones with the reputation of being the plague of Playas.

Hotel workers in the Canary Islands, Spain, France, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Egypt and the Balearics evidently see British holidaymakers in a better light than they used to.

A survey of the workers by says tipping, general behaviour and politeness are the most improved factors when they were asked to compare the current behaviour of Brits on tour with three years ago.

Two thirds of them said they were being tipped more generously, more than half said the tourists were more polite and nearly three quarters said the general behaviour of Brits had improved.

When asked which nationality were the most pleasant to deal with when they were on their holidays, the top five answers given were:

1.       Dutch – 21%

2.       Britons – 16%

3.       Germans – 13%

4.       Spaniards – 11%

5.       Irish – 8%

Aussies didn’t get a look in, but most of them don’t hang out in hotels.

On the darker side, the research revealed that more than half the hotel workers thought the Brits were ‘drinking in excess’ on holiday.

Chris Clarkson, MD of said, “Perhaps we’re still known for our ability to put away ten pints before lunch, but at least hotel staff around the world have noticed a change and people are being more courteous.”


Tourists still ‘put away ten pints before lunch’
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