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Australian scientists have developed a new ‘higher dehydrating’ beer.

There’s nothing like a cold one after a tough day at work, but the thirst-quenching affects of beer has always been undone by its dehydrating affects. Until now that is.

Science boffins from Griffith University have found out that by adding electrolytes to a brew they can significantly increase the body’s absorption of water.

They tested four beers, a strong and weak beer and then an electrolyte-treated strong and weak beer as well, on subjects who had been working out to see which of the four drinks provided the best retention of fluid.

“Our augmented light beer was by far the most well retained by the body,” said Professor Ben Desbrow.

A hydrating beer – could hangovers become a thing of the past?

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Aussie scientists develop new 'higher hydrating' beer
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