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That's right - in 2005, the Central Intellignce Agency decided to create a doll of Osama Bin Laden that morphed into a devil.

The doll's face was created with a heat-dissolving substance that peeled off to reveal a red-faced, green-eyed 'demon' - and was going to be marketed at children.

The CIA wanted to show kids what a monster Bin Laden was and 'win hearts and minds', apparently.

However, the project never went ahead as planned. 

Speaking to the Washington Post, However, CIA spokesman said: “To our knowledge, there were only three individual action figures ever created, and these were merely to show what a final product might look like.

"After being presented with these examples, the CIA declined to pursue this idea and did not produce or distribute any of these action figures."

Image credit: /Twitter


Devilish doll: CIA developed Osama 'demon' doll in 2005
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