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It was the most tense scene in Jurassic Park - until now.

You know the one. The two hapless children are faced with a bunch of nasty-looking raptors in one of the park's kitchens, and a frantic game of cat and mouse ensues as the kids try to outwit the raptors (successfully, we might add).

However, some clever so-and-so has redone the scene and edited it so the children are trying to escape giant cats.

Predictably, the entire mood of the scene changes as the two happy cats chirrup and purr their way around the kitchen, their soft fuzzy tails knocking pans over and their whiskers getting in the way.

After out third viewing of this video, we even began to lose patuence with the kids. The cats only want to play. Any idiot can see that. Just pet them, damn it! 

Image credit: YouTube


Some genius has replaced the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park kitchen scene with cats
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