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CCTV footage and further details of the 'Miami zombie' case have emerged.

The shocking story emerged this week of a man by the name of Rudi Eugene, who chewed off a homeless man's face while supposedly under the influence of a strong LSD-style uncategorised 'bath salts' drug.

UPDATE: Girlfriend of 'Miami zombie' Rudy Eugene says he was 'religious and not a serious drug taker' 

Scroll down to watch the CCTV camera footage from the incident.

Eugene 'always carried a bible' according to his girlfriend "Something happened out of the ordinary that day. I don't want him to be labelled the 'Miami Zombie'. He was a person. I don't want him to go down like that." she told The Miami Herald.

She has suggested that her boyfriend was either spiked with the drug or that he may have been cursed with voodoo, known in Haiti as Vodou, since Eugene never did drugs any stronger than marijuana and refused even to take over-the-counter pharmacy medications. Eugene’s family are originally of Haitian descent.

Rudi Eugene was fatally shot twelve times by Florida police when he refused to end the assault on his victim.  

More details have also emerged about his victim, Ronald Poppo, 65, who is said to have been an above-average student in his youth who attended a school in New York and joked about becoming 'the first Italian in the White House' according to a friend.

The blurry CCTV footage of the incident can be seen below in a sustained attack that lasts 18 minutes until help arrives. Look out for the two figures on the left of the screen near the underpass.


Eyewitness cyclist Larry Vega who was passing by as the attack happened described what he saw to TV interviewers, likening it to a scene from The Walking Dead. “The guy just stood, his head up... with pieces of flesh in his mouth and growled”.

The extensive injuries to Ronald Poppos face (TNT has censored this image)


Miami 'zombie attack' CCTV footage surfaces online as voodoo theory emerges
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