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Festival Dos and Don'ts

Festivals are meant to be fun, but they can also turn out pretty crap if you don’t follow these simple rules:

DON’T buy your tickets from touts. You could spend hundreds of pounds on a forgery. This will suck when you get refused entry at the gate. Stick to reputable websites and agencies.

DO plan travel to and from the festival in advance. Leaving it too late will likely result in expensive plane/ train tickets or, even worse, none at all.

DON’T forget to take toilet roll, plasters and paracetomol. They will be your best friends.

DO pack lots of plastic bags, in case it rains. The plastic bag is an ingenious survival tool – it protects your bum if you want to sit on wet grass, can be used to line your backpack so your stuff doesn’t get wet, and is a great receptacle for shoving manky clothes in if you don’t want to think about them til you get home.

DON’T ever cook inside your tent. It is a Very Bad Idea.

DO take lots of water with you. It’ll be catastrophically expensive at the festival, and being in the sun all day/ drinking gallons of booze will dehydrate you.

DON’T wear jeans. Denim is not practical festival material. Combat trousers that dry quickly and are dark in colour to hide your sins are best. And pack
lots of layers.

DO agree a meeting point with your mates should you get separated while watching a band. It’s rubbish if you lose everyone for the night.

DON’T forget to check your tent before you leave for the festival. TNT knows a chump who turned up at the festival site, unpacked their tent and discovered they’d forgotten the poles.


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