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Timberline, Oregon, USA credit: blackestockphoto

Timberline, Oregon, USA

One of the most fantastic locations where skiing is possible all year round, Timberline is located in the state of Oregon, USA. Famous for being the ski resort in North America that offers the longest ski season, the snow conditions remain throughout the summer in parts. Timberline is a favourite of everyone from Olympic athletes to freestyle enthusiasts. It is a perfect location for anyone looking for some summer snow sport fun.

June - September: High=20℃ Low=5℃

Nuuk, Greenland credit: Vadim_Nefedov

Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland and it is by far its largest town. Although not the most beautiful town in the world, it is framed by a spectacular panoramic backdrop of mountains. As a location, Nuuk doesn't have very much to write home about but it does provide a good starting point to explore the rest of Greenland. The must see locations in Greenland for the summer of 2017 are the Ilulissat Ice-fjord, Uunartoq Hot Springs, see the Northern lights, dog sled in Disko Bay and depart from Nuuk on a whale watching excursion.

June - September: High=12℃ Low=6℃

Aviemore, Scotland credit: sandergroffen

Aviemore, Scotland

The gateway to the spectacular Cairngorm National Park, Aviemore is the main centre amongst this vast mountainous range. As a perfect spot for a summer holiday where the temperatures remain cool, Aviemore has it all for the nature lovers amongst us. During the summer, Aviemore and the surrounding areas are extremely popular with cyclists, hikers, fishers and watersport enthusiasts. One of the most spectacular locations close to Aviemore is the Green Lochan where you will find a beautiful loch with bright green water. The tale goes that the loch is so green because the pixies used to wash their clothes there.

June - September: High=16℃ Low=9℃

Patagonia, Chile credit: espiegle

Patagonia, Chile

One of the most natural places on the planet, Patagonia is home to glittering glaciers and rugged mountains. Barren but beautiful, Patagonia is a nature lover's paradise. Its wealth of sites ranging from long winding rivers to jagged peaks are breathtaking. As well as a range of outdoor activities on offer there are a number of cultural exhibits to enjoy.

June - September: High=21℃ Low=9℃


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