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Travel Guide: Chile Food & Drink

12th Oct 2011 2:02am | By Editor

Chilean food is surprisingly bland so the simpler the better here.


With such a long coastline, and a grand variety of fruits produced in the country’s central breadbasket, Chilean food is surprisingly bland. As a rule, the simpler the better here.

Fresh seafood is a treat, look out for fish soups – broth laced with garlic and a few chunks of the day’s catch, often seabass or conger eel. Plates of shellfish are especially good in Santiago’s central market or at any coast fishing town.

Cerviche, ostensibly a Peruvian dish has made its way south too. This dish of fresh white fish marinated in lemon juice and chilli is worth trying – just be sure it comes from a reputable-looking vendor.

Southern Chile has a sizeable population of German immigrants and they’ve brought with them seriously good cakes, strudels and chocolate-making.


Chileans lay claim to the Pisco sour, much to the unhappiness of the Peruvians. Either way, this drink makes a refreshing end to a day in the desert – strong grape brandy mixed with lemon juice, egg white and sugar. 

Chile produces vast mounts of red wine, and the stuff on the local market is inexpensive and (generally) very good. Salud!