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Travel Guide: Enjoy the Beauty of Goa

5th Sep 2018 4:43pm | By Editor

If you are looking for a beautiful and relaxing place to spend your holiday, then you should try out Goa. With a blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, Goa is one of the most amazing places in India. Here, you can enjoy everything from great food, the sun, sand, spirituality and the sea. Though Goa gets too crowded during the festive season because of too many travellers, you will not find another place in Indi that comes close to what it offers you. Here is a sneak preview of what to expect if you decide that your next holiday will be in Goa.

Great hotels
People in India enjoy great food and you can witness this in some of the best hotels in Goa. The first thing that you smell once you land here is the tantalising scents from Goa's great foods. The cuisine in most of the hotels ranges from spicy Indian dishes, fish curries, bread rolls dipped in curry, wine infused with garlic and vinegar, international dishes and even fast foods. The Indo- Portuguese culture and influence in this town adds to the taste buds with their special flavours and spices.

Some of the best hotels in Goa to visit are grand Hyatt Goa, Viyanta Panaji Goa, Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa, Taj Exotica Resort and Spa and many more. Majority of these hotels offer international dining, upscale rooms, beachfront retreats, spas, poolside bars, pools and some have golf courses gyms. You could not ask for better elegance and luxury anywhere else.

Golden sand beaches
One of the most attractive things that make Goa stand out is the golden sandy beaches. Set along the Arabian Sea, the beaches are not only inviting but each one of them comes with its own reputation and personality.  Beautiful hotels and crescent coves surround them. Some of the best beaches in Goa are Arambol, Palolem, Bager, Anjuna, and Mandrem among many others. So if you are out for a dip in the sea or a relaxing day at the beach, then get yourself to this wonderful place.

Indians and Portuguese take pride in their cultures. This is very evident in Goa and everything about the place looks amazingly exotic. The architecture in the buildings is breathtaking and dates back to when the Portuguese first settled in Goa. While here, visit the colourful and vibrant ceremonies by the Catholics, findo music that is both appealing and mournful, the whitewashed churches of Goa and beautiful cathedrals lining up most parts of Goa.

Other activities that make Goa special are the feasting festivities especially during Christmas. Goa has a huge Christian population that takes Christmas festivities seriously. So if you want to enjoy the feasting with the people of Goa, free up your winter and come here during this period too have as much fun as you can.


If you are a fan of yoga or want to learn about yoga, then welcome to Goa. It is a very spiritual place and during the winter, there are spiritual activities everywhere. Many travellers visit this place because of the spirituality effect it has on them. Yoga being one of the main spiritual activities, you will find many training courses and yoga spiritual retreats here. Other spiritual activities are eiki healing classes, t’ai chi sessions, and mediation. The good thing is you do not have to pay anything for these spiritual explorations, as they are all free.