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Insurance can feel like an unnecessary expense but, trust us, you’ll be kissing the insurance man when you drop your phone in your pint... again.

It’s a sad tale we’ve all lived to tell – the dreaded insurance calamity. You’ve been bouncing around happy as Larry for years, in and out of your house with the door locked shoddily behind you, all over the world on risk-taking adventure holidays, bling in tow. And then - bam. Someone nicks your laptop, your diamond-encrusted tooth brush gets stolen from your house, a mate throws your phone in the sea (okay, we’re not sure insurance strictly covers this) and you’re majorly out of pocket. All because you didn’t just listen to what your mum has been saying for years and invest in a dreaded ‘policy’. Even the word is enough to make you shudder. But fear not, we’ll try to kiss away those bad dreams with some long-awaited facts that will explain all. There are three main types of insurance that we recommended to cover your arse in case of a disaster – and remember, these do happen, and always when you really can’t afford it...

Contents insurance:

This is basically the biggie for break-ins– contents insurance covers anything in your house that might get nicked – even if you think you haven’t got anything worth nicking. (Seriously, there have been cases where robbers have stolen dirty hampers of clothes. Who knows what the end goal was here, but at least the victims were covered). Contents insurance also includes damage – let’s say a cigarette sends your stuff up in flames or water ruins your rug. Remember, contents insurance is not the same as building insurance – it only covers things that aren’t attached to your house (so,if say a giant tornado rips your roof off, you won’t be in the money). Landlords who rent out property are required to have building insurance so if you’re a tenant it might be worth checking that out. Your contents insurance, however, is up to you – so if you think you’ve got some stuff worth taking or you can’t bear the thought of your dirty laundry going missing, we recommend you take out a policy.

Cost: Prices vary depending on how much you want covered and also, we’re afraid to say, your postcode. To get a quote you have to describe your home contents and see what comes back. The price of a policy can be as low as £45 for the year but it really depends on how far you want it to stretch.

Where to buy: Websites like and compare insurance rates from the many (and there are many) companies that offer coverage. comes recommended for students.


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