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Revealed: the world's 17 most incredible jobs from chocolate taster to coconut safety engineer.

Most people have dreamt of leaving the rat race behind them at some point in their lives. Usually this involves moving to a foreign destination and following your dreams of finding a career doing something you are passionate about, whether it is a yoga instructor or joining a circus.  However, there are some dream jobs that may not have been on your radar… 

Fortunately for us, online ticket booking agency,, has put together a list of the 17 most awesome jobs around the world...

Thrill-seekers addicted to theme parks can actually test rollercoasters for a living: there are opportunities in Florida open to adrenaline junkies with a strong stomach. If you’re an animal-lover, why not try your hand as a Seaworld trainer? The Florida park pays around £20k a year for anyone with a SCUBA certificate who’s physically fit, and has a BA in an animal-related field. You could be working outdoors in the sunshine with dolphins, orcas or sea lions (while all your friends are working in call centres…).

Those who are fond of their food will find their calling as taste-testers. Italy has jobs as ice cream tasters, paying £41k a year for people to try out the latest trend in gelato, from vanilla to bubblegum. Be prepared to eat a lot of the stuff – professional ice cream taster John Harrison sampled almost 200 million gallons of it during his 30 years on the job! If chocolate’s your thing, head to Switzerland; you have to be a non-smoker, so your taste buds are in top condition, and – which probably goes without saying – a seriously sweet tooth, but you can make £35k a year chomping on different types of chocolatey goodness.

Quirkier jobs include being a coconut safety engineer in Thailand, which requires top physical fitness and a knowledge of plants and trees, as well as a strong sense of risk management – did you know 150 people around the world die from falling coconuts every year? And if you fancy living on your very own desert island, you could apply to be an island keeper in Australia, for a healthy £78k. You have to be able to swim and snorkel, and make friends with locals, as you spend your days making sure the island is in good condition.

If you're not sure whether you'd be more suited to being a Disney Princess at Disneyworld Florida, or a waterslide tester in Dubai, you can take this quiz at to find out more...



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