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One in five adult Brits don't know how many countries are in the UK, a new study shows.

Tour firm Journeys of Distinction polled 2000 Brits about destinations in the UK, with some shock results.

For example, 25 per cent of those surveyed thought that Ayers Rock (pictured) was in the UK.

And when asked to name England's biggest mountain, 58 per cent answered either Mount Everest, Ben Nevis or Snowdon. The answer is Scafell Pike.

The lack of knowledge about destinations at home isn't just limited to the countryside.

Over a third of respondents (33.8 per cent) thought that the Home Counties circled Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow. They circle London.

While 20.6 per cent of people did not know that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland make up the UK, a staggering 53 per cent had no idea that Balmoral Castle - the royal family's staycation of choice - was in Scotland.

It seems that the government's new ad campaign to promote holidays at home couldn't have come soon enough. At the very least, it might help some with their geography.

Karen Gee, of Journeys of Distinction, said: "We were astounded that while Britons clearly have an enviable knowledge of famous cities abroad, they seem to display a lack of geographical awareness in their own nation."

Here's more on the virtues of holidaying at home.


One in five Brits don’t know how many countries are in the UK – and other worrying statistics
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