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Day 4: Barcelona

Barcelona is known for having a raucous music scene, and The Jezabels are playing the city’s famous Razzmatazz venue, which is a very big deal – The Stone Roses and Blur have played here in the past.

I’m feeling the burn from last night, but that melts away as the band rocks the stage again. 

All it takes is a few notes from Heather’s keyboard at the beginning of Hurt Me and the shiver down my spine gets the adrenaline going again.

I savour the song, knowing it’s the last time I’ll hear Nik’s powerful drumming, Heather’s mesmerising notes, Hayley’s soaring vocals and Sam’s unmistakable chords in quite this way again.

 Together they fill Razzmatazz with a dark, formidable charisma, sealing the tour as having been a resounding success.

Later, Hayley says: “We’re somewhere in between innocence and success now, a transition phase. I think we’ll look back at these days as being some of our best.”

Benedict's flights were courtesy of Skyscanner:


The Greatest Tours in Rock 'n' Roll's History

Four days in Europe is just a drop in the ocean compared to some rock tours. From the insanely big to the just plain insane, musicians have done it all on the road. These are some of greatest tours in music history.

1. Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue,Bark at the Moon Tour, 1984

Ozzy was going solo that year after a tumultuous tour with Black Sabbath, but he certainly didn’t keep a low profile.

One tale from the road goes that when the legendary wild-child of metal asked for a line of cocaine from Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx, only to find out there wasn’t any left, he improvised by getting down on his hands and knees with a plastic straw and snorting a line of ants marching down the pavement.

Later Sixx said: “From that moment on we knew there was always someone who was sicker and more disgusting than we were.”

2. The Who Tour 1967

Stories had gone around for a while about Keith Moon’s love of destruction, and by the time The Who reached the US, there wasn’t a hotel room safe from Moon’s own signature demolition technique – a lit stick of dynamite shoved into a toilet

.But it was the band’s stay in Flint, Michigan, at the Holiday Inn, that sealed his almost god-like reputation for mayhem.

He celebrated his 21st birthday with the usual (dynamite-induced) bang, driving a Lincoln Continental – or a Cadillac depending on who’s telling the story – into the hotel swimming pool to a stunned crowd of partygoers.

3. U2 360° Tour, 2009-2011

The Irish mega-band racked up the biggest tour in the history of music between 2009 and 2011.Over the two-year period, U2 played 110 sold-out shows worldwide.

More than 7million fans came to see them play, paying more than US$700m (£435m) for the privilege, a record gross income for a music tour by any band. 


Photos: Benedict Cooper; Cassandra Hannagan; TNT; Thinkstock; Getty


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