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Want to spend your holiday locked in a dark room trying to solve how to get out? Sure you do! Vicky Lane checks out the Swiss Crystal Maze-esque challenge.

It’s not often I find myself locked in a pitch-black room. During the occasions I have, however, I’ve learnt a valuable lesson: don’t drink to­o much beforehand.

It’s a shame, then, that a failed exchange in Starbucks resulting in four – apparently irresistible - lattes has caused my sister Sophie and I to completely ignore my own wisdom. Now, as we fumble around in the darkness of the first stage of Basel’s Room Escape (, essentially a real-life, Swiss version of TV game show Crystal Maze without Richard O’Brien smirking from the sidelines, there’s a new urgency to our need to secure release.

It doesn’t bode well to the website advice that “human logic, general knowledge and the ability to combine different clues correctly,” is what is required to escape. Especially when you also add that we’re only five minutes into our hour-long challenge, and already massively struggling to complete the first task set to us by Lukas Haas, one of the game’s founders. To be honest, I’m not even certain his instruction to “find the light” was meant to be one of the challenges.“Soph,” I say, deciding to give her a heads-up. “We’re doomed.”

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