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Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is the lush land of prime steak, good wine and beautiful people. This capital city, built around a bright pink palm-tree flanked palace where Evita once lived, has a European feel – but a pulsing Latin heart. The tango is passionate, the traffic is chaotic, and the people are fiery. But everyone is up for a party and they go on all night. Expect to eat dinner at midnight in BA and hit the clubs no earlier than 3am. You’ll be stumbling home at seven in the morning and it’s not uncommon to see smartly-suited business men sipping on traditional highly caffeinated tea as they make their way into work having been up all night. 

But BA also has a serious side – In 2001 when the economy collapsed, everyone in Argentina who had not moved their money from the banks lost every penny. They took to the streets drumming on pots and pans in protest. And still today banknotes are horded under mattresses and protests against the government are rife – in fact, a day without getting caught in a march (and arriving late at your destination) is a rare occurrence. Plan for this wherever you go.

Beyond the bustling metropolis of BA, Argentina boasts some stunning landscape. Head down to Patagonia, where you quite literally reach the end of the world: the town of Ushuaia is the furthest South you can get before the Antarctic and it’s a lawless mix of madmen on the run and frontier cowboys who see off cruise ships headed for the ice-bergs. Elsewhere in Patagonia you can trek across huge glaciers overlooking bright blue lakes and frozen waterfalls. These are the wilds of an adventurer’s dreams.

The Argentina coach network is immense and will take you anywhere you want (often complete with complimentary wine and chairs that recline all the way back). From Buenos Aires regular buses depart to wine country in the West, where you can tour vineyards, to the quaint university town of Cordoba, said to have the best-looking women in the world, to Iguazu Falls on the Brazil border. 


Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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