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From Poopoo Land in South Korea to teeing off on top of a mountain in New Zealand, TripAdvisor have compiled the top 10 weird and wonderful tourist attractions in this crazy-arsed world of ours...

1 - Poopoo Land Seoul, South Korea

credit: TripAdvisor

Yep - see what it's like to become a piece of poo - in 30 minutes you can enter your body as food, pass through your digestive system and exit as a piece of crap!

2 - Owl Cafe Chiyoda, Japan

credit: TripAdvisor

You can even book an hour in a private room with your owl of choice! The idea is a 'unique therapeutic experience' to bring some calm into the daily grind - be prepared though - you may have to queue...

3 - Altitude Golf Queenstown, New Zealand

4,500ft up in the Southern Alps above Queenstown, is possibly the most ridiculous and best par-3 hole in the world. To even get there you need a helicopter...great for bragging rights!

4 - Roman Gladiator School Rome, Italy

credit: TripAdvisor

Channel your inner Maximus Decimus Meridius (you know....from the film) and learn how to fight Gladiator style with authentic weapons and dress and just down the road from the Colosseum too.

5 - Jamaica Bobsledding Tour Montego Bay, Jamaica

Remember the film Cool Runnings? No, me neither but I do remember that Jamaica entered a bobsled team in the 1988 Winter Olympics which seemed pretty mad at the time, fast forward nearly 30 years and you can re-live the moment - except in Jamaica rather than Canada and through rainforest as opposed to snow but you get the idea.

6 - KLive Hologram Concert Seoul, South Korea

credit: TripAdvisor

Get down with 3-D hologram performances from Korean stars like Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1 and then immerse yourself in the Gwangjang Market and stuff yourself silly with delicious Korean street food.

7 - Knight Tournament with Medieval Feast at Sumeg Castle Veszprém, Hungary

credit: TripAdvisor

Head from Budapest to one of Hungary's best preserved fortresses from the 13th Century. Explore, watch the castle games and then make like Henry VIII and feast on a medieval banquet with lashings and lashings of wine.

8 - Operation Zombie Apocalypse Las Vegas, USA

credit: TripAdvisor

Are you up to surviving a zombie apocalypse? Test your metal in this immersive tactical video game setting - you've got 2 hours and all the military hardware you can dream of.

9 - Catmosphere Cafe Sydney, Ausralia

credit: TripAdvisor

Pop in for a coffee anytime but if you want some serious 'cat-time' you'll have to book. With two cat rooms, Catmosphere Cafe Sydney offers customers some QT with some of the city's rescue cats and kittens, proceeds go to World League for Protection of Animals and Kitten University.

10 - Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour Banyuwangi, Indonesia

credit: TripAdvisor

This 7-hour trek is something else. Leave Banyuwangi heading for the Ijen volcano and witness the 'blue fire' - a natural phenomenon amongst the sulphur mines.


Top 10 weird and wonderful tourist attractions
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