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3. Witchcraft Museum, UK

Never mind the beaches, there’s nothing like spending a sunny afternoon in Cornwall perusing instruments of torture once used to interrogate suspected sorcerers. 

The first incarnation of the museum opened in 1951, coinciding with the repeal of the Witchcraft Act. Wildly unpopular with local residents in the Isle of Man, it was forced to relocate before settling in its current location of Boscastle. Admission is £5.


4. Currywurst, Germany

Go crazy for the Berlin speciality at the Currywurst Museum where you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about the spicy sausage but were afraid to ask. You can also sit on a sausage sofa, oversized ketchup drops and gigantic fries, or sample the sausage in a number of varieties.

If you’re feeling really wild, why not also pretend you’re the owner of a snack bar yourself, and pose for photos behind the counter? What a hoot, eh? Admission £9.50.


Forgive the pun, but you’d have to be barking mad not to visit the Dog Collar Museum in Kent.

Housed in Leeds Castle, you can see 500 years’ worth of stylish doggy neck wear. There are over 100 collars here to see, some of which once belonged to great hunting hounds of the past and other more modern examples of 21st-century canine couture. 

Admission to Leeds Castle is £21 for unlimited admission for a year (one-off tickets not available).


Photos: Getty; WikiCommons


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