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It is very interesting to observe how travelling has changed over the years. It is one of those moments when you sit and wonder ‘Wow! People really did that?’

The young generation sometimes laughs when their parents or grandparents tell some travelling stories and how things used to be. It may be funny now, but it was a reality we, this generation, have escaped. However, modern technology changed all those stories drastically. If you are curious about those changes, let’s take a quick look, shall we?

No surprises at check-in

You probably do not think about it very much, maybe because you are too young to comprehend, but there was a time when you had to call hotels and ask if they had any vacancy for a certain period of time. Or better yet, you would have to go on vacation with no promise of vacancy at all. It was some sort of a gamble. But look at accommodation now. You go online, and you can see exactly if a hotel has room for you or not. Think about how much time you save on that. Not to mention that you will not worry for a second that you may arrive at your destination and have no place to stay.

What about documentation?

Every traveller knows that documents are one of the first things on their minds, especially if they go abroad. So what did you have to do in the past? You had to go to the embassy of the country of your choice, fill in an application, and wait for the approval. It took time and patience, something that this generation lacks. And that is because we live in a world where everything happens almost instantly. However, that process changed entirely as well in some cases.

For example, let’s say you want to go to India. Not a problem. It is a beautiful country with an amazing culture. But you do not have to waste precious time at the Indian embassy anymore. Instead, all you have to do is go online and apply for an Indian e-visa. The process is quite straightforward, it is affordable, and you get your visa via email in maximum three days. All from the comfort of your own home. India is just one example, but various countries have this service as well, with more to follow.

Apps, apps…and then some more

Smartphones are in everyone’s pockets. Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere. And honestly, that is all you need. You reach your destination, and everything that is interesting to see or do is at your disposal. Moreover, you can check local news, see if the weather is perfect for the beach, and you can even see if the wind is ideal for surfing. Not many people think about it, but to have all that information at a push of a button is something that past generations could not even dream of. We do not appreciate that enough, but that is only because we were born in an age when technology has become the center of all things.

There are so many other things that technology improved when it comes to travelling. But that would be a ridiculously long article.

Now, wait for the symmetry!

All the things mentioned above are not news to you. You are using technology every single day, and chances are you do not conceive your life without it. You do not know how to handle things any other way. And that is okay. However, it is also good to know that things have not always been this way. Who knows? Maybe you will get to appreciate things better. But keep one thing in mind! 50 years from now someone will write an article on the very same topic, but this time, you will be a part of an old-fashioned past generation, and the readers will wonder ‘Wow! people really did that?’


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