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3. Khuiten, Mongolia

Part of the appeal of climbing Mount Khuiten is actually getting there. One of Earth’s least accessible mountains, you have to trek for a day to actually reach the base camp, with many tour companies using camels to carry equipment. This climb is not as high as others (4374m), but it is more technical, with crevasses scoring the route to the summit. KE Adventure offers a 15-day trip with treks, park tours and a three-day Khuiten climb for £2495pp. 

4. Elbrus, Russia

Europe’s highest peak (5642m) is a good option for climbers looking to work on their ice and snow training, but you’ve got to get your skates on if you want a go (no, not literally). Adventure Peaks offers a 12-day trip (seven days climbing) from £1750pp, but only until early September, otherwise the route is too dangerous due to unpredictable weather. If you do get up there at the right time, the clean, white, almost ethereal views make it worthwhile.   

5. Everest, Himalayas

We couldn’t have a top five mountains to climb list without Everest on it, could we? No, that would be silly. The summit, at 8858m, is for seriously hardcore climbers – more than 200 people have died trying. But you can start by trekking to base camp, which is still a respectable 5364m high (south side).

Take in the sights of Kathmandu with Adventure Company, as well as visit mountain villages on your 10-day climb to Everest’s base camp, and pay a very reasonable £874pp for 18 days.


Photos: Getty; Thinkstock; Wikimedia Commons  


Trip of a lifetime: Top 5 mountains to climb - have you got what it takes?
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