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As of March 2016, almost all tourists who will be arriving to Canada via air, must have already arranged and received their eTA, or their visa for visiting the country.

For all of you traveller out there, whether you are travelling to Canada for business, pleasure or for a longer period of time, this is a requirement which you must have sorted out before you leave home. The process for the eTA Canada offers is very simple and you can apply for it in no time at all. If you do happen to be visiting Canada this year, here is everything that you need to know about the eTA.

Why The eTA?

Much like what the United States have done with the ESTA, the Canadian eTA seeks to make the visa process much easier and far swifter. The idea behind this electronic visa is also to cut cues and save time for people entering the country at the airport, this process is easier for the Canadian government and easier for the tourists who are visiting the country. Equally, from the government’s point of view, they can deny entry to people who have had no fly orders or previous criminal records, before that person even arrives on their soil, saving money and time on processing such people at the border.

How Do I Get My eTA?

In order to apply for your eTA, you simply need to have a valid passport, a credit card and an email address. With these to hand, you can simply go on to the eTA Canada website and make your application. The application forms are relatively simple to navigate and gives you simple questions which you need to answer about who you are, and what your purpose of the trip is. Sometimes you may be approved right away or occasionally you may have to wait a little longer for approval, but never more than a few days.

How Long Does It Last?

If you are going to be making multiple trips to Canada, you will be pleased to know that the eTA lasts for 5 years before you need to renew it. This is perfect for anyone wishing to return to Canada in that space of time, so that you won’t need to apply for the visa each time you visit.

Do My Children Need One?

If you are travelling with your family then all of you will need to apply for this visa, even minors. It is also recommended that if you are travelling to Canada with a minor, and only one parent will be going, that you have a letter of consent from the non-travelling parent, to ensure that the whole process runs far more smoothly.

I Have a US Visa, Can I Use That?

Even if you have a visa for the United States, you still need to apply for an eTA to enter into Canada as the borders and the governmental laws are very different.

This is a simple process which you must carry out before you travel. 


Canada eTA, What You Need To Know
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