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If you have never gone on a fishing trip before, you will be excited to know what really happens during such trips. Having chosen Dubai as your destination to do a tour in the sea waters is another great choice you have made. Dubai has been known to be the cradle for fishing in the past.

As a matter of fact, fishing was one of the economic backbones in the region. The modernized dhows common in the region were basically used by fishermen to sail through the waters when fishing. Nevertheless, things have changed completely and now the dhows are being used as tourist attractions in enhancing views of both the new Dubai known as Dubai Marina and the traditional Dubai known as Dubai Creek. In these two locations, you will find thousands of tourists having cruised to view beautiful architectural designs and others visiting a museum. Many visitors prefer having dinner cruises to having fishing trips. The fact remains that you can’t be having cruises along Marina and Creek for a whole month or entire season; you will need some more escapades. If you don’t go to desert views then the only choice you have is to get to the waters of Dubai and have some fishing trips. Fishing trips are very interesting though many have not discovered it, maybe this article will help you get motivated and see how much fun you have been missing out on not having a fishing trip in Dubai. You don’t have to see it in Television shows, you can make it a reality. You may have seen ugly scenes in movies and shows on your TV-related to fishing trips but honestly, that is very rare to happen in the waters of Dubai. So you don’t have to worry that a shark or storm will capsize your boat. The waters of Dubai are very safe to go fishing; both in the shore and deep sea. Expect the following: Instructions As usual Dubai crews are responsible people hence they will always give you some instructions to ensure that you’re safe and you don’t violate any laws of the land. The most common instruction that they will give is to take care of the waters; specifically to avoid dumping into the sea. Introduction The crews are very friendly and they will introduce themselves and tell you their names. To create a rapport you can also give your name to ensure you are not strangers in the boat. To be dressed appropriately You should know that Dubai is highly populated with Muslims hence its tradition and culture are nurtured according to the Muslim beliefs. Nudity in Dubai is illegal and you may be deported or imprisoned for such. Of course, you don’t want to destroy your tour and vacation, so just dress modestly and make sure every part of you is completely covered. To have your gear This is the first thing that you will get when you get on the boat. You should then locate where to stow it according to the instructions of the crew. Fishing Bag Depending on the fishing trip company, they will give you some bags where you can put your fish. They may help you get the fish off the hook and put in your bag. Sometimes the bags have numbers so that you will know which one is yours. Some more fun Sometimes the crew may decide that all of you fishing get into a jackpot, where you all contribute some few AEB or dollars and the one who will catch the biggest fish wins the jackpot. It is all to cheer you up and make the trip interesting. To be patient Even if you are too much excited to get a catch, you need to control yourself and wait until the crew gives you an instruction to throw your hooks. This is because the boat needs to go to the fishing ground. Instructions on how to use your gear Pay attention to the instructions else you might catch nothing. Depending on the fishing company, the rules may differ but all aims at helping you catch much fish and have a lot of fun. Catching the fish Ensure your bait is lively so as to attract the fish. Taking photos and getting the winner After the fishing trip is over, you will weigh you fish and the winner of the jackpot will be identified. You can now take photos with that huge fish and have some fun. The fish belongs to you, not the crew. Those are some of the basics to expect.

What To Expect During Fishing Trips in Dubai
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