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No matter where you’ve travelled to in the world, you’ll know that each country has its own culture, combining customs, etiquette, local cuisine, language, architecture and distinctive interiors, crafting the country’s unique personality.

Take Morocco, for example; you may think of stained glass lanterns, intricate floor tiling, leather pouffes, colourful textiles, tagines, mint tea and souks, all of which are reflective of the country’s history and traditions.

Exploring the world invites us to discover the rich culture of each country we visit, taking with us a piece of that place when we leave. Most countries will have individual fabrics and tapestries that sum up their decorative style in one piece of woven art, which many people take home to remind them of their trip and to add originality to their living space.

photo credit: Instagram: leeleeyazz

From the iconic tartan of Scotland and the earthy Aboriginal art of Australia, to the tribal influences of South African fabrics and hieroglyphic prints of Egypt, each country’s tapestry tells a story of its heritage.

Originally used as a wall-hanging for the home, tapestries date back hundreds of years. By weaving colourful threads together to form intricate designs and patterns, they were made to reflect the country at that time. Today, they’re mainly used for decorative purposes for the style conscious among us.

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Globe-Trotting Tapestry Discoveries 

Whilst on your travels, look out for these pieces of art to bring back with you. Once your home is filled with ornaments, fabrics and tapestries, you’ll have your own story to tell about your adventures, and your interior design will be as diverse as the places you’ve visited. Look out for craft markets, street-sellers, and traditional souks to find the most authentic pieces - just remember to save space in your luggage for those special finds. 

photo credit: Instagram: bntmamreen

What’s your Unique Travel Tapestry?

Anthropologie - a brand that offers customers an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories and home décor from across the globe – has delved a little deeper into the world of tapestries, inviting us to create a personalised tapestry of our own based on the places we’ve travelled to, and the places we’d love to visit. 

We must say, we love it – we’ve played on it quite a few times, so give it a try; discover your own tapestry to find out what it says about you, and use it as inspiration to style your home with soft furnishings tailored to your travels. Here’s our very own tapestry:

Now start weaving yours…


Travelling the World, One Tapestry at a Time
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