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Obstacle courses are now more popular than marathons as the trend for testing yourself against the elements grows. Trevornick is hosting Holy Grit, a unique, all terrain obstacle course designed to push contenders’ physical and mental strength to the limits this 7 -9 October. A weekend of coastal terrain challenges across sand dunes, beaches and sea cliffs, hot showers, live music and free pints (now we have your attention) for all campers, what could be better?

Every element is included in the course - water, fire, earth and wind. With names like twisted torment, gates of hell and buried alive, the challenges sound more like terrifying apocalyptic punishments than exercises. With 6km, 12km or 24km courses on Cornwall's leg-destroying sand dunes and towering sea cliffs, more that 30 epic Hell-themed obstacles and running waves every 30 minutes from 10am - 2pm on Saturday 8 October, the event is for the toughest of the tough.  

Founder and organiser Jack Barrett said: “At Grit HQ we’re always trying come up with new ways of testing our Gods of Grit. As part of that we came up with Grit Hit the Fan, a very simple, yet highly gritty obstacle designed to assault all five senses. Feel the blast of hot air engulf you as you blindly crawl up a sand dune towards deafening fans.  Squint through the swirling sand, whilst choking on tasteless grit filling your nose, mouth and ears. Just as the intensity becomes unbearable you must pluck up the courage to keep crawling forwards and emerge victorious.”

Anyone who can come out of that smiling could take on anything.Enveloped in rugged coastal territory, Trevornick knows how to pick up the pieces when competitors are dirty and broken. Delicious warm food, soothing hot showers, a place to party and a place to sleep: “Everything a victorious God of Grit needs after an epic journey through Hell” said Jack.

When the course is over, there is loads to enjoy including live music and DJ sets from Origin Sounds, crazy golf or go-karting. And if can still stand, there is the option to rent a wetsuit and jump in for a surf with the legends at the Holywell Bay School of Surf.

You'll get a free More Mile T-shirt, medal and goody bag, plus a free pint of Korev Lager, Rattler Cyder or soft drink for every camper. There will be a chilled-out, live music acoustic set on Friday night followed by a massive after party on the Saturday night. Groups of between two and nine will receive a 20% discount. There will be a further 20% off for groups of 10+ and free camping.


Battle all the elements with true grit in Cornwall this October
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