Month: December 2019

3 Ways Brexit Can Affect UK Travellers

While there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, whatever the outcome, it’s likely UK travellers will face some changes when it comes to holidaying in Europe. This makes it a little daunting for those looking to book their holiday in the next year.
So, how might Brexit affect UK travellers? Here, we’ll look at 3 ways it could impact holidays to Europe.

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The Quick And Easy Path To Learn How To Invest

A while ago, I realised that I had been working for years but was nowhere near reaching my goals. I had always thought that with steady savings I would slowly build myself to a point at which I could do what I wanted. I would be able to travel and spend on the occasional luxury without it affecting my long-term plans.

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What is a Second Mortgage?

Mortgages are arguably the most widely-known form of secured lending in the world. Millions of people across the UK and around the world take out mortgages, secured against their homes each and every day. Typically, this type of finance will be used to fund the purchase of the property in question, by lending the money needed to complete a purchase.

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