What baffles me about London is that the Olympics’ so-called sporting legacy doesn’t extend to floodlit sports pitches!

There is an appalling shortage of them in inner London and a ton of people wanting them.


London’s best-kept secret is the south bank between Waterloo and London Bridge.

There are tons of hidden pubs, bars and restaurants and so much history, some of it gruesome – such as Cross Bones, the prostitutes’ burial ground on Red Cross Street. 


When I want to chill out I generally don’t get much further than the couch or gym.

But if I’m looking to properly chill out, I get out of London and go travelling, ideally heading for a beach or mountain in Europe.


The most interesting person I’ve met is my colleague Phill Browne at Try Tag Rugby.

His life would make a fantastic soap opera, or maybe a sitcom, but with very bad jokes!

Strangely we’re both from Sydney, both worked for Travelex and Qantas at the same time there but only met here in London. 


My favourite place for a drink is the Faltering Fullback at Finsbury Park, I can’t go past it.

Hidden in the back streets, it has a quirky front bar, a massive back room for watching sport and a never-ending beer garden covered in greenery.

The best place for a beer in London on a warm summer’s evening. 


For when you’re hungover in London I still go back to my Aussie roots so head to Westfield for a Boost Juice and previously Oportos at Victoria before it shut down – though it had nothing on Oportos at Cronulla!


My perfect weekend would be a romantic trip to Europe with my girlfriend or a dash to Ireland for a Tag Rugby festival! I love the proximity to Europe.


My biggest faux pas was whacking my head on the closing Tube train door whilst squeezing in on my way to my first day at my first job in London.

I subsequently forgot this happened, and spent the whole morning meeting my new colleagues with a big black mark across my forehead. A few people wondered if I followed some strange religion! 


Five words that sum up London are … opportunity, history, culture, fun and pubs!