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Why Bali is the Best Destination for a Romantic Honeymoon?

There is one thing that you need to decide – picking the perfect spot for your romantic honeymoon. You may think that picking the place isn’t a big deal, as the Internet is full of offers and articles on best romantic destinations. But that's the main problem, as multitude is your worst enemy when you have to choose. You would spend hours wondering which spot suits your romantic honeymoon best.

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What does the next year hold for emerging market currencies?

Emerging market (EMs) currencies have been particularly volatile in 2018 due to the rise of the dollar, which has increased the cost of dollar-denominated debt and contributed to crises in Argentina, Turkey and Venezuela. These effects could soon spread to other EM currencies such as those used by Chile, Poland and Hungary, which all have a large amount of US debt. Meanwhile the future looks uncertain for the Chinese renminbi and Russian ruble, which are at risk from the effects of Trump’s ‘trade war’ and international sanctions respectively.

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5 Reasons to visit Innsbruck any time of the year

When most folks think of Innsbruck and the Tirol they think of winter holidays and skiing in particular. But Innsbruck also makes the perfect year round destination thanks to stunning Alpine scenery, gorgeous lakes and action sports in abundance. There’s no shortage of culture in the old town either.

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