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With Urban spending about half the year away from home, juggling fatherhood and a career is not easy.

“Finding that balance between being a father and working is incredibly important,” he says.

“Typically when I start a movie I will do all the pre-production stuff and then at some point I will bring my family out.

“Once I’ve established the character and have found

a good footing, I bring them out and we get to spend some time together just like a regular family.

And if they can’t get to me, I will fly back to New Zealand as often as I can. It can be tricky, but you have to make it work.”

While moving to Los Angeles might cut down on his travel time, Urban, who was born in Wellington, has no plans to leave the country that has acted as inspiration to him his whole life.

“Growing up, I found New Zealand to be a very creative environment for many different reasons,” he says.

“I had a lot of friends who worked in the film industry and I was around them a lot growing up and I fell in love with the medium. I was always interested in watching people and analysing why people did certain things.

Me gravitating towards acting was born out of that curiosity.”

Since choosing acting as a career, Urban has made steady progress towards stardom, first appearing in TV series such as Shortland Street and Xena: Warrior Princess, before landing his first Hollywood role in Ghost Ship in 2002.

He caught the eye as Eomer in The Two Towers and Return Of The King and as an assassin sent to kill Jason Bourne in The Bourne Supremacy, before going boldly into space as Dr Bones McCoy in blockbuster reboot Star Trek.

With the actor following up his high-profile stint as Judge Dredd with another ride on the Enterprise in a Star Trek sequel, you can’t help but think that Hunter and Indiana Urban must be bragging about their dad to their schoolmates.

Their dad, though, won’t allow them to ever behave like celebrity sprogs.

“When it comes to my kids, I have a real concern that too much emphasis is placed on what their dad does for a living,” he says. “I really want them to grow up like any other children.

Their dad just happens to do job that people find interesting and want to know more about.”

Dredd 3D is released on September 7


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Interview: NZ actor Karl Urban on playing a UK comic book icon in Dredd 3D
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