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Today, the internet — especially social media — has become the driving force behind the success of many brands. The internet has provided entrepreneurs with infinite ways of marketing their products to potential customers. Videography, for instance, combines entertainment, education and marketing, which makes it the best form of advertisement.

Of course, the use of videos to engage fans and customers has always been a growing factor. Furthermore, the popularity of videos skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic because most people joined the online world, either to work or socialize with their friends and family.

As with all businesses, you’re likely to face stiff competition. The only way to get a leg up over the competition is to create engaging content. Whether you’re keeping under budget with stock footage or going all out on your production, read on to learn how you can create high-quality videos.

1.     Outline your goals

Before setting up your equipment, you should outline your objective first. Why are you creating this video? What do you wish to achieve with it? Asking yourself such questions will keep you on one direction. It’ll also allow you to plan your ideas chronologically and avoid any confusion. For instance, using relevant stock footage can have a huge impact on your final product. Wondering where to get a good collection of stock videos? Watch this video for more information:

Once you have your ideas in place, decide on when, where and how to shoot the videos. Do you want to do it at night, in the morning or during the day? Which background suits the theme of this video best? Planning all these in advance is very important for the quality of your content in general. (2)

2.     Use a clean background

Of course, a solid colour might look boring and monotonous for some videos. As such, you might want to add some flair and anything related to your theme to enhance the visuals. But be careful not to film with a reflective surface in the background, which brings us to our third tip — lighting.

3.     Work on your lighting

Lighting brings a lot of difference to the quality of your videos. Small factors like shadows can be distracting and even lower the standard of your final product. Unless shadows are part of your production, it’s imperative that the scene is filled with enough light from all possible angles. Insufficient light will make your video appear amateurish, which can easily taint your brand’s reputation. (1)

Remember, even with the best lighting, you might still get some unwanted shadows. One solution is to have at least two light sources and position them correctly. A three-point lighting technique, for instance, uses three light sources — key, fill and back lights. The first one acts as the main source, while the fill light softens the shadows that result from the key light. The light at the back provides direct illumination to the subject.

4.     Choose a good editing software

After finalizing your recording, the next important step is editing. You’ll need to trim unnecessary scenes and adjust various frames. The final product you’ll get highly depends on your video editing software.

But how do you go about choosing a video editor? The features you should look out for are its ease of use, available editing tools and video format support. While you’d want to use the best software out there, you’ll definitely face some restrictions. For one, your hardware must be able to run the video editor without any lags. Some software can get quite expensive and might be beyond your reach, especially if you’re just starting your career or your business.


Whether you’re marketing your products or focused on entertaining your followers, the quality of videos you produce have a huge impact on your reputation. The tips in this article will help you publish professional-quality content and boost your social media strategy.

For one, you’ll need to plan beforehand, decide on a clean background and provide enough lighting for your setup. It’s also imperative that you choose the ideal video editing software for your project with enough features, compatible with your hardware and won’t hurt your wallet. While at it, though, don’t go crazy with the editing. Trying out a few effects here and there can be fun, but overdoing it will only bring down the quality of your videos.



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4 Tips To Produce Professional-Quality Videos
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