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Millions of people are fascinated by the culture of London. This ancient city that’s among the largest in the world is filled to the brim with history, architecture, art, royalty, scandal, great food, and so much more. It’s also a melting pot of different races and cultures, adding vibrancy to the city.

With everything going on in Britain’s capital, is it any wonder that London Instagrammers have some of the most Instagram followers on the platform?

Whether you’re trying to be a better Instagrammer, or you just can’t get enough of London, here are five accounts you need to follow today.

1. Skye O’Neill, @georgianlondon

Skye O’Neill, better known as @georgianlondon, uses her Instagram account to outline some of the incredible history in London, particularly as it pertains to architecture. She knows exactly how to balance high-quality photography with nostalgia to attract more than 141,000 followers to her profile.

“If you were making another film-adaptation of a Jane Austen novel or any other English period drama that should require a few scenes shot in bygone London, you’d better call upon the discerning eye of Skye,” says blogger Messy Nessy, noting that Skye’s account is basically a hand-held time machine to Georgian London.”

History buffs and lovers of architectural beauty will find her account absolutely fascinating. It will have you making long lists of must-visits the next time you’re in London.

2. East London Mornings, @eastlondonmornings

Katya Katkova has successfully captured the attention of more than 73,000 people thanks to her stunning interpretation of London. Her posts capture the essence of the best food, art, lifestyle, and travel opportunities in this giant U.K. city.

Since Katya is originally from Lithuania, her exploits began about 10 years ago when she moved to London and was anxious to explore every inch of the city. She started out with a blog in 2010, and then primarily moved her presence to Instagram with @eastlondonmornings

She says that her success comes from the authenticity of her posts and some clever Instagram tactics. “I Instagram my life, not the other way round. I wouldn’t go anywhere specifically just to Instagram it,” she told the Evening Standard. “I suppose that makes Hackney the most Instagrammable neighbourhood for me. I do like to Instagram central London as well, because a lot of my followers are fans of London but not Londoners. They want to see all sides of the city.”

3. Ed Cumming, @clerkenwellboyec1

Ed Cumming is the architect behind the wildly successful @clerkenwellboy Instagram account. This faceless Instagrammer never posts pictures of himself—instead, he captures his passion for the natural beauty of food with stunning photography. It turns out he doesn’t need selfies to be famous as he’s managed to develop 110,000 Instagram followers and become known as “London’s food superhero,” according to The Guardian.

Cumming told The Guardian that Instagram is the best space he’s found for expressing his passion, even though he started out on Twitter. “Twitter is useful for news, but there’s a lot of negative comment,” he says. “Instagram is a much more positive space. You don’t get as much trolling or complaining.”

He is also staunchly loyal to his brand, focusing on highlighting his passion and sharing it with enthusiasts such as himself. He says he avoids promotional content that he doesn’t believe in.

“It obviously happens a lot in the industry, and it’s tempting,” he says when asked about doing his Instagram profile for the money. “I have been approached a lot, mainly about doing a book or an app. For me it’s been a hobby, a passion. If you accept a lot of free meals it can be hard to give honest feedback. I never post anything I wouldn’t endorse, or accept a free meal that I wouldn’t happily pay for myself. I like to think that my followers trust me. Also I tend not to go to bloggers’ dinners because everyone has cameras, and it would be harder for me to remain anonymous.”

4. Laku Davies, @lakudavies

Incredible is the best word to describe Laku Davies daily Instagram posts. She spends her days roaming the city looking for the very best imagery possible, taken from all different angles and using the right filters and editing to make a strong impression.

When asked about being an influencer, she says she loves it because “I have a voice. It’s so cool to be able to share information with the world, literally! To spread inspirational ideas and empower and encourage others #thebestfeeling.”

She also says the passion she has for her brand makes it worthwhile every day. “I love the fulfilment I get from working with a brand I truly believe in,” she told StarNGage. “I love the recognition I get from it and of course the rewards.”

5. Jessica Lemaitre @snowflakesfairy

With more than 190,000 Instagram followers, Jessica Lemaitre is one of the most influential Instagrammers in London. Her specialty revolves around finding some of the best places of London, capturing simple beauty with candid shots of everyday people and places.

Jessica says that her ability to see things in a different light has been the key element to her influential success.

“I’ve become a person who sees different perspectives,” she told PassionPassport. “A street musician, busy streets, peak hours at train stations — they can all be beautiful subject matter if you look at them in a certain perspective.”

She also says that her love for photography has influenced her travel blog, pointing out that it’s a very effective strategy for getting outside of oneself and seeing things in a new light. 

“Photography makes me want to travel the world,” she says. “It encourages me to get out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t have imagined that I would get on a plane and explore a foreign country by myself if it wasn’t for my passion for photography.”

As you scroll through her Instagram posts, you’ll see firsthand her masterful use of the camera, natural lighting, filters, editing, and perspective shots. It’s simply a delight to scroll through her page. 

5 London Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following
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