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When looking for an online casino to register with, there is a wide range of criteria which most gamblers will first consider. A lot of gamblers will look for the best registration bonuses on offer, the brand names they are familiar with, or even just an aesthetic that appeals to them. For many people, safety and security is an afterthought when signing up with a new online casino.

However, digital safety and security are becoming more and more important every single day. Hardly a week goes by without a new headline hitting the front pages regarding a largescale hacking event which has taken place and resulted in a huge amount of personal data being leaked or having frozen a country’s online presence and their ability to function.

Although many of us do not think about it, our personal information and financial information is oftentimes spread across multiple accounts we have online — and it is typically not protected very well. As with all things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure and this goes for online safety and security too.

If you are using a safe, secure online casino, your sensitive personal and financial information is much less likely to be hacked into, leaked or sold. One of the best ways to ensure that your information is safe is to register with fully-licensed online casinos. It is important to verify that your choice of casino is fully licensed rather than making a snap decision based  on the offer of a high registration bonus.

What is a casino license?

A casino license is essentially a regulatory tool similar to a driver’s license. A casino which is fully licensed by the UK is operated according to UK regulations and conditions and, as a result, follows certain rules about fairness, transparency and good business practices.

When a casino is licensed, consumers are provided with better protection and have official avenues of complaint should there be an issue which cannot be solved by customer service. Depending on where you are located, certain casinos will be licensed either for a region or for a particular market or country.

Why are casino licenses necessary?

Casino licenses are necessary because they protect and benefit both the casinos and the consumers. If there were no licensing procedures or bodies in place, anyone could open a casino. There would be no oversight, regulations or control over how the casino operators handle consumer funds, data or privacy.

For example, imagine the difference between a legal and illegal casino. Illegal casinos would be able to simply not pay out winners at the casino because the entire operation is unlicensed and the gamblers themselves are unprotected.

Licensing also helps to cut down on crime in the gambling industry. A licensed casino has to follow certain procedures regarding money laundering, money withdrawals, and user data and information.

Finding casinos which are licenced

One of the easiest ways to find casinos which are licensed in the UK is by doing a little bit of research before you register for a casino by reading reviews, checking out the fine print of the casino's website and the FAQ section. There are many different casino review sites that all provide information regarding licensing and regulations.

Examples such as UK online casinos like this are licensed in the UK and have the licensing information — including the licensing number — clearly listed at the bottom of the website.

Do players need to be aware of casino licences?

The short answer is that yes, players do need to be aware of casino licenses. Each time you register for an online casino you are giving away sensitive, valuable personal and financial information and you do not want the wrong parties to have access to your information and data. You also want to be sure that when you register for a new casino, you can rely on the payment methods and providers and will not have to worry about safety or security when making deposits or withdrawals.

Are some casino licenses better than others?

There are many different licenses, but not all of them are created equally. Licenses issued for casinos in markets where gambling is regulated, such as the UK, Spain, Italy and Belgium, all require licenses for casinos which are based in the particular market. These licenses are generally considered to be stricter than other licenses.

That being said, many casinos have licenses from Malta and Gibraltar because of their unique gambling regulations. Licenses from these two countries are generally considered to be good, high-quality licenses.

Ensuring your choice of casino is fully licensed is the easiest thing to keep you safe
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