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You sure have come across a number of advice and tips if you're constantly looking for ways to win against online casino slot machines. Some of this advice is good, while others might be not too much. Here we’ll help you to differentiate which ones would help and which ones would not.

A Jackpotjoy promo code might help you on your way to winning big. But that’s not the only one, because there are other ways and methods you can follow to get more wins! Here are some of the best tips we'd love you to know if you want to increase your winning chances.

Choose no deposit bonuses.

The first thing you need to remember is to make the most out of no deposit bonuses. For example, you’ve got a $20 deposit bonus after signing up, then use this bonus to increase your winning chances. It’s all about utilizing things effectively for you to win real money.

Search for loose online slots.

No one is perfect, including machines. There's this term called "loose slot," a slot which had been around for centuries, back to a time when slot machines were still mechanical and where a few had defects. Up until now, there are still slots that have this form of defect and are the ones that are most likely to give payouts.

Look at the rate or frequency of a slot’s payout and play on one which has the highest payout frequency.

Free spins are your friend.

The online casino industry is becoming more competitive as time goes by. And through time, they’ve been searching for new and creative ways to outcompete each other, one of which is by offering free spins.

It’s like getting the chance to play for free. It’s in having this kind of freedom where you become more enticed to play. Free spins are an awesome way if you’d want to try out a specific online slot game or online casino. Get a feel of how things are played with the game and make specific bets. Win, if you can, but that is — without spending a single dollar.

Know the pay tables.

Do your research before attempting to play any online casino game, especially if it is bingo. Know which games are best to play, considering that they have their pay rates. Every online casino slot has its pay table, so you want to know how much they pay out.

Though they might sound irrelevant if you're only going to play a game or two, it will make a significant difference if you play it in the long run. As much as possible, choose only slots that have multipliers, wilds, and scatters, as these game features to increase your chances of winning big.

Bonus, bonus, bonus.

Another great way to win big is to take advantage of online casino bonus offers. These show up from time-to-time, so you want to always be on a lookout.

These special promotions are usually seen in new game launches and special event games. Expect them to come in the form of reload bonuses and free spins.


Playing in online casinos, specifically with slots, is a gamble (obviously). However, unlike other casino games, slots have the strongest random factor. This means that any outcome can pop out, and it’s in this uncertainty where you can draw inspiration from. Hopefully, this article will bring you more fortune the next time you play online slots. Just be sure to think wisely and don't make rash decisions.

How to Win Big in Online Casino Slots
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