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Fundamentally, there are many reasons why London is a must-visit location for many travellers. While the city has a rich history in architecture, art, fashion, and football, for example, England’s capital is becoming a forward-thinking location for diverse in-house gaming adaptations.

Although it may not be the main reason that people opt to travel to London, the city’s recently-announced Monopoly plans offer an alternate entertainment opportunity to visitors. So, let’s take a look at London’s pending immersive Monopoly experience.

Plans for an Immersive Experience

Given that London is the home to Monopoly, the property trading game, it has become increasingly central to the city’s culture in recent years. The Londonist created the real-world equivalent of the game for people to explore and Trafalgar Square recently had its own giant board as part of the London Games festival. Now, the city is set to launch its own immersive experience, revolving around the 85-year-old development.

In 2019, it was announced that the game’s current publishers, Hasbro, would be teaming up with Selladoor Worldwide to deliver a real-time Monopoly experience. The idea is that it will offer players enhanced levels of immersion. According to a report by the Metro, the concept is a team-based development that requires the completion of challenges in order to guarantee board movement and property purchases. Although many of the finer details have thus far been kept up under wraps, the Independent states that each game will last for approximately 75 minutes.

Crucially, the emergence of the real-time concept has come to fruition because of the city’s ever-growing demand for unique, live theatre productions. In recent times, this particular aspect of the entertainment sector has sought to broaden its horizons with performances covering a diverse range of genres, as showcased by Frozen here at TNT Magazine. Diversification - particularly towards concepts that are likely to appeal to millennial audiences - brings scope for London’s theatre scene to reach new levels of popularity in the coming years, thus heightening the potential of immersive live entertainment.

Just How Popular is the Board Game?

According to Insider, since its introduction into the market back in 1935, over 250 million Monopoly games have been sold globally. It's this sustained success, combined with the production’s London roots, that makes it an intriguing proposition as a real-world theatrical concept. It was in the Independent that Selladoor Worldwide’s CEO declared that the new direction seeks to target a new generation of theatre-goers through a more immersive narrative.

There are indications that the crossover could benefit to on-stage entertainment. Monopoly has already proven itself as an integral part of the ever-growing iGaming industry: among VegasSlotsOnline’s favourite free slots is Monopoly Big Event, in which players can immerse themselves in a Hasbro creation-inspired theme. Much like the game’s traditional format, the online slot incorporates a whole host of original characters and features, including the dog and Rich Uncle Pennybags, the Monopoly game's mascot.

It’s also the perfect time for the Monopoly portfolio to expand into real-time experiences. In becoming one of the world’s most successful board games, the franchise has already branched out from its traditional formats, with numerous variants going into production, such as a Lord of the Rings-themed option. Having already dominated the board game industry, Monopoly is poised to attract an audience that could make its on-stage debut a success.

A Significant Step for Board Games

Clearly, board games are no longer limited to their traditional format and they have shown themselves to be a catalyst for expanding audience bases in a variety of sectors - there's no reason that couldn't include theatrical productions. Because of this, it wouldn’t be a surprise if similar concepts came to fruition in the coming years.

Monopoly: The Board Game at the Heart of Diversifying London’s Theatrical Productions
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