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In 2019, the gaming company Warsaw Stock Exchange dedicated the WIG Games index as a notion to attract tech companies. John Lawrence, the chief officer at J. A said that listing regional gaming companies on the WSE was a brilliant idea. He argued that gaming was a global hobby that the world shared, and listing companies would increase global investments in Poland.

At the closure of 2020, the number of companies listed on WSE increased to 54, beating Tokyo Stock Exchange. Marek Dietl, the WSE CEO, spoke to Emerging Europe and emphasized the significance of game development for the Polish capital market and why they were prompted to introduce the WIG Games Index.

On the other hand, Krzystof Kwiatek, the CEO of Creepy Jar, added that economic transformation after 1990 opened the doors for people who wished to make similar games themselves. Joost van added that Poland is not celebrating a single one-off success but delivering a catalog of quality titles that international gamers enjoy. Our expert Jacek Michałski (view profile), takes us through this topic.

Games literature

Poland has sold a million copies of titles across the world including, The Witcher and This War of Mine. The 11-bit studio’s game is set in an occupied city that shows how ordinary people survive against all odds.

The game has gained recognition all over the world and English teachers in Poland use it to teach literature lessons. Konrad Adamczewski, PR lead of 11-bit studios said he never expected huge interest until he was proven wrong by prestigious media mainstreams and newspapers.

The 11-bit studios proved that it’s not about money in succeeding in the video game industry. The company created a video gaming brand that has stood the test of time. Video games are a huge mainstream form of entertainment that possesses actual artistic currency.

Countries that produce quality games have a chance to export their culture to the world. Mr Adam Czeweski added that games are our cultural heritage even though they don’t focus on Poland nor are created in Poland. Grand Theft Auto has become part of the UK’s cultural heritage despite being a US creation.

Room for expansion for online casinos

Polish gaming development studios are now over 400, according to a recent industry report. Nearly half of 38 million of Poland’s population has joined the gaming industry and can access bakarat online, among other games. However, gaming experts believe that the industry has a long way to go.

According to Mr van Dreunen, Poland played a passive role in outsourcing software development a few years ago, but it has now acquired its own voice. Will Polish video games earn a reputation for producing good video games that can be played in online casinos? Starward industries are working on turning The Invincible novel by Stanislaw Lem into a game.

Do you know that Poland has overtaken Japan in the total number of games? 10-15 years ago, many people would not believe such news would ever make a headline. Pawel Merchewka, CEO of Techland, said that there are many gaming studios in Poland with highly talented developers. Having a large number of video games in Poland is not a surprise.

A large number of game development studios are branding Poland as a game development center.

The government takes note

Gaming in Poland has grown popular. On the popular discussion website Reddit, Poland’s community dedicated to the Witcher 3 has gained over 150000 members. On the platform, fans can share memes, fan art, and many more. On the other hand, Bloober Team released a horror game entitled The Medium. The game sold so well that it broke just days after being released on PC and Xbox platforms.

The video game industry is inherently global, and more than 90% of games produced are played outside the country. The government has realized the potential in gaming and has offered around €66.7 million through an EU funded program to support small studios in getting their projects off the ground to those who want to create a Poland game.

Poland’s government offering support to game development has reduced obstacles towards the country becoming a world-leading gaming nation.

The video gaming industry in Poland has made tremendous improvements compared to the past few years. Stakeholders, government, and sponsors have recognized the potential in the gaming industry and are not willing to let it drain off.

With proper marketing strategies, it is clear that gaming in Poland will become the country’s brand. Gaming developments industries fuel the gaming brand by releasing international gaming titles. With innovations, capital market backing, and government support, Poland appears to benefit at large.

Why gaming is set to become Poland’s national brand
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