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Tell us why Tom Stade Totally Rocks ...

When I’m hanging out I’m always like, “That totally rocked...” And who would want to go to a show by a guy who doesn’t totally rock, like ‘Keith, who averagely rocks’, or ‘Jim, doesn’t really rock at all’?

Or ‘Jim is OK on a good day’ ...

Yeah, totally. A lot of people call me rock ‘n’ roll because I ended up marrying my gal after three months of knowing her on a Fear And Loathing-style trip in Las Vegas.

Then I had kids, at which point most people would have quit comedy but I kept going, and partied through to 40. I looked back on the stuff that came out of it and it’s been eye-opening – I realised I just liked having fun, so the show’s about that.

What else have you learned?

That having an addictive personality has got me into trouble. People think that just means drugs and alcohol, but it’s more than that. You should see how much shit I buy. 

Like what?

I buy records all the time, I have three TVs, a wooden Buddha. I have 22 pairs of pants – I’m worse than a woman. My whole philosophy is I’m only on earth once, I might as well buy everything!

Is the wife competitive?

We are definitely in competition, no doubt. But I gain an inch on my waist every five years so I’ll need to sell those pants at a jumble sale soon. 

How is touring for the married man?

To tell you the truth, it is the one thing that saved my marriage. If me and [wife] Trude were in the same room 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t be talking to me right now – there were times when I was home for three weeks and she wanted to kill me in my sleep.

Does she mind featuring in the show?

There are things I have to ask her: “Do you mind if I talk about your vagina on stage?” But she’s pretty cool with it. It is based on truth, then you exaggerate it.

She understands that whereas there are people who’ve walked up to her and gone “so your pussy is like an overcoat...”

She doesn’t want to edit the material too much then?

No. Comedy is about tragedy – if there isn’t a victim, there’s nothing to laugh at. A lot of the time people feel they’re the only ones going through something, when they’re fighting with their gal.

They think everyone has this perfect relationship – which is bullshit. When I talk about it, they aren’t just laughing at the joke but the recognition in their own lives.

And it makes me feel comfortable too! But when a line doesn’t get a laugh suddenly I feel very alone. 


Interview: Canadian comedian Tom Stade on his new stand-up show and moving to the UK
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