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Where did your show’s title, The Man With The Flaming Battenberg Tattoo, come from?

The show tells the story about how this tattoo [of a flaming cake] changed my life.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was around at the time, and was quite big. It’s not a parody, but an obvious nod.


Is it about trying to mellow out?

I am trying to be a bit calmer. All my life I have been an argumentative, contrary little shit and I am trying not to be like that so much.

It is difficult as it is who I am and this is about how that tattoo has helped.

How has the tattoo changed you?

A couple of years ago I would not have admitted to being like that, but now I am coming to terms with who I am.

Being that person never had any redeeming side to it – it has always been a bane of my life and I denied it – but now, as I am making money from it through stand-up and I’ve made a career out of it, I am starting to see a positive side.

I still hate being like this, though.

So what annoys you?

Any given thing at any given time – it could be the smallest, most petty thing. Often it’s marketing that gets me. In this new show I read out letters I’ve written to companies in the past that have pissed me off.

And politics winds me up, despite the fact I don’t know much about it.

That’s my problem – rather than being someone who knows about everything and responds rationally, I just respond passionately and from the heart, but don’t know much about what I’m on about.

Who’s felt the Rhod wrath?

First Great Western [train company from London to Wales], Innocent smoothies, Braun, The Body Shop … it can be anything.

Announcing over the Tannoy in the quiet carriage on the train for everyone to be quiet – it’s just pointless.

Did anger management classes help?

I talk about it in the show, some of which is taken from the anger management diaries I wrote during those sessions.

You’re meant to write about all the little incidents that have annoyed you, but I’ve used it as a device for this show like documentary evidence.


You didn’t start stand-up until your 30s – what prompted you then?

I had no interest in comedy before, never been to a comedy show, but this girlfriend I had been with for eight years just nagged.

I’ve known two things all my life: one, I am an argumentative person and two, I’ve always tried to make people laugh.

I’ve never had much interest in anything else. She spotted that and kept on at me saying: “You should do something with this.”


Rhod Gilbert interview: The stand-up comedian on being angry and becoming Wales's sexiest specimen
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