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Warm Bodies is a romantic horror movie that’s told from the point of view of a zombie – did we miss anything?

It’s not easy to pigeonhole, is it? It’s not one genre, but many mashed together. It’s very refreshing – a quirky take on the classic love story. Telling the story from the point of view of the zombie hasn’t been done before. 

It offers a new spin on Romeo And Juliet, with the undead and living as the Montagues and Capulets ...

Yeah, I love that it is a different take on the zombie genre, too, with the zombie getting a chance to be loved – it’s very endearing.

My character Julie meets [zombie] R (Nicholas Hoult), who is a weird, nurturing being and they organically strike up this romance.

Julie starts off petrified and then fear turns into curiosity and then that turns into romantic feelings.

So, if you’re a romance fan you get that with the action and the zombie-horror. I hope the zombie fans are open-minded!

Julie’s a strong character. Do these types of roles inherently appeal to you?

Yeah, definitely, I’m so excited Hollywood seems to embrace these strong independent characters. I love playing women that are strong and sassy, it’s something I am connected to.

And I love the action element to these movies. In [sci-fi thriller]  I Am Number Four I played a character who was dedicated to helping save the world! I got to do a lot of my own stunts, as well. 

Sounds like a fun day at the office ...

I love learning all these skills as part of what I do as a living, shooting guns and zipping around on wires. 

What new talents do you have on your CV now?

I am a skilled gun handler after going to a gun range 30 times for this movie.

I had to be very comfortable with guns, knowing how to put them together, shoot them and then take them apart.

I don’t know many people who know how to do that!

Was it fun playing out a zombie romance?

The relationship between R and Julie is very representative of how it does feel when you are with someone for the first time – you do feel tongue-tied, the guy does try to listen and everyone is a bit awkward.

And Nick [Hoult] is a very nuanced actor, he knew how to portray zombie emotions through body language and his eyes – he said so much without being able to express himself verbally. 



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