Festival & Camping

Camping and going to festivals can be pretty grim if you go unprepared. We’ve picked out some fab gear to make camping awesome!

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Feuerhand Baby Special 276 LED Lantern

This is possibly the coolest retro led light we’ve seen. With its classic hurricane lantern look with modern LEDs seamlessly integrated without any of the bursting into flames issues of the originals. Available in many different colours. You can put 2 lithium-ion batteries (not included) in and charge it up over USB-C or 3 standard AA batteries.

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Princeton Tec Helix Li Rechargeable LED Lantern

This is possibly the coolest futuristic led light we’ve seen! It looks like a little robot with it’s 4 fold out legs. It’s crammed full of some pretty smart tech too, with it’s dimmable white and red lights. The whole unit packs down into itself to use up even less space in your bag, and you can even take the lantern globe off and use it like a normal torch. It’s covered in hooks so you can be sure to find some way to get it where you want light. It’s rechargeable and IPX6 water rated, so doesn’t mind a bit of rain.

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Coleman Octagon BlackOut

This is glamping wherever you pitch up and lay your head. The unique octagonal shape provides a 360° view and makes it the ultimate party pod for you and your friends to rest and play. Its blackout tech works really well at blocking out the morning sun, which is perfect for when you need to catch up from the night before. I love the way you can open the sections to get a really open, airy feel to the tent, the only disadvantage is that you have to go outside to close these up, so hopefully you don’t get caught out in a rainstorm. The bag is well-built too, with the functional addition of wheels so you can drag it back to your car.

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Vango Lismore 450 tent package

A more traditional tunnel tent design, but crammed full of nifty features. From storm straps to help ride out the most unruly weather, and a very well thought out room configuration with a blackout bedroom, internal living space and a massive porch, this is a good option for anyone looking for a bit more space and variety of use. This package comes with the additional benefit of a tent footprint (a big groundsheet which goes under the tent) to really keep you dry and your tent lasting for years. If I was to be overly picky, the bag could do with being bigger, good luck trying to get this one packed away after a heavy weekend!

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Coleman Supercomfort Sleeping 12cm Double Mat

I’m going to stick my neck out here and state, this is by far the most comfortable sleeping mat I’ve tried. It’s no lightweight camper mind, so be prepared to lug a large roll around. But if you value sleep and like me need a bit more comfort to recover from the hours on the dance floor, then this is most definitely a very good option.

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Roll Up Oxford Bed

Soft and spongy alternative to an air bed. Traditional airbeds are typically pretty bouncy and noisy, so if you want to get a good nights recharge from all the dancing, then this is a very good option.

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Vango Homestead Double Sleeping Bag

Made by Vango and available exclusively from Outdoor World Direct, the Vango Homestead double sleeping bag is ideal for couples who love adventuring together. Whether heading to a festival or exploring the wild, the two-season sleeping bag is ideal for summer use between 4 – 20c, helping to keep the cosy but without being too warm. This is ideal for those sharing a bed or even those who don’t like being swaddled up in a mummy-style sleeping bag.

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Selk’bag 432 Hz Blanket

Selk’bag have made some pretty epic sleeping bag suits, which are perfect for those chilly nights on a festival campsite. In addition to their famous adult romper suits, they also make these awesome blankets. Made from 100% recycled materials, they are super cosy, and withe fastenings to turn them into a poncho are a very versatile camp companion. The 432 Hz design reflects the restful frequency that connects you to the universe, so perfect for snuggling up after a heavy night of less restful frequencies.

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Petromax 27L Cooler Backpack

This 27l cooler bag is just what you need to keep your beer stash cold for the weekend. Claiming to keep temp to a respectable fridge temperature of 8°C for up to 8 days, this is the pack you need to chill out this summer. Where this pack really excels is in its capacity, with the ability to hold 13 x 1-litre bottles plus a six-pack of beers. Now add in the other useful zipped pockets, the fact it’s a backpack so easy to lug from the car, and even includes a built-in bottle opener, we think this is almost unbeatable in the portable cooler box world.

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Festival Wagon with Removable Sunroof

If you’re planning on taking young children with you on your festival trip, then do yourself a favour and buy this! You’ll thank me later, as it’s possibly the best way to transport your camping stuff (you’ll need much more than you think with kids in tow). It’s also good at lugging tired kids around in once they have exhausted themselves trying to party like the big kids. This deluxe edition includes some nice extras like a cooler box and a sun cover. Its wide wheels and practical steering system make it perfect for festival mud baths or beach trips. It also folds down surprisingly well too.

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STM Goods BagPack

This is an incredibly practical backpack which packs down into a tiny bundle for throwing in you travel luggage or having on hand for then you might need a smaller bag. It’s even got an inflatable section perfect for storing laptops up to a whopping 16″. Never again do you need to worry about not having a day bag with you.

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Built for Athletes™ PRO SERIES 60L DUFFEL BAG

If you struggle to decide what to pack for a festival, or just have a very elaborate fancy dress outfit planned for each night, then you’ll be needing one of these amazing bags from Built For Athletes. It’s seriously well-designed with fully waterproof compartments, an included wet bag for putting your sweaty cast-offs and a separate shoe compartment, it’s a bag which really has been well-thought-out. It’s even got a protective compartment for a laptop, so this really could be a one bag solution for any adventure.

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Chrome Industries – Sabin 3l Sling

This is the bag you need for all your festival essentials. A simple sling with plenty of space for your valuables with practical compartments. A great way to keep your stuff safe without cramping your style or limiting your skintight and pocketless festival fashion choices!

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Helinox Chair One

Camping chairs don’t come much better than this! A lightweight packable chair that opens up whole new worlds where you can be bothered to carry a chair to. It really will fit in a daysack, and believe it or not will hold up to 145kg when assembled, so really is a chair for everyone. Weighing a mere 965g it’s even packable in your stingy flight luggage allocation!

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Keen Hyperport H2 Sandal

Let’s face it, nobody wants to trudge around a festival in wellies. Well, fear not, as Keen’s Hyperport sandals are the perfect festival footwear option. They are designed to get wet, have a specially formulated sole for energy rebound and protection, making them perfect for getting in your groove, they also benefit from anti-odour treatment which your mates will thank you for in the car on the way home!

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Marshall Emberton II

Don’t be deceived by the size, this Bluetooth speaker really kicks. We loved it in our Christmas guide and had to include it here, as the perfect tool for some back at camp vibes after the sound systems have shut down. Small enough to pack away and loud enough to keep the party going!

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Attitude Clothing – Dark Forest water bottle

Is there a more suitable bottle for taking to a festival. Perfect for putting all sorts of hot or cold drinks in (hint hint) the trippy mushroom vibe graphics put you in a messy festival mood.

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Klean Kanteen 473ml Steel Cups

There is really no need for nasty disposable plastic cups. These stainless steel cups are perfect for camping or festival camp duties made from food-grade stainless steel.

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Thrive™ Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mug 1L

Not this is what I call a camp coffee mug. It’s massive, insulated and leak-proof, so perfect for any festival mornings. Its insulation and lid keep everything hot or cold for hours. It’s the first mug style I’ve packed in a bag, and it’s not leaked, so kudos to that!

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Koziol Small ‘Unbreakable Glass’ set

Festivals don’t mean you have to relinquish all your standards. These plastic ‘superglas’ glasses are virtually indestructible, making them the perfect festival companion.

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Stroodles Edible Spoons

Waste not want not, and one thing I certainly don’t want when I’m at a festival is washing up! So enter the Stroodles edible spoons. They tase and crunch much like raw pasta, but you will leave no trace, and after the skips of plastic spoons that get junked at every festival you’ll feel smug too!

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Stroodles Edible Plates

Sticking with edible table wear for a moment, I introduce the plate that is made from wheat bran and as the name suggests is also totally edible. That’s right kids, you can eat your plate and spoon, leaving no traces at all the crappy noodles you managed to cook up at 3am. Being made of Bran, you can have any leftovers for breakfast!

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Nio Cocktail box

I think I may have found the ultimate festival flex! These slimline pouches of boozy goodness are so good you will be the envy of the campsite. Nio offers customised selections or various pre-selected assortments which arrive in a letterbox friendly pack, perfect for slinging in your festival bag. If you are a proper festival slacker, you can even just tear the corner off and drink straight from the carton!

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Belvoir Farm – non-alcoholic drinks

How about filling your cooler box with these refreshing soft drinks and alcohol-free cocktails from Belvoir Farm. They make all sorts of flavours from Elderflower or Raspberry Lemonade to Peach Bellini’s. Quench your thirst with these yummy drinks! Available in all good supermarkets.

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Brothers Premium Cider

This years official cider of Glastonbury Festival makes this a pretty acceptable addition to our festival booze. Cider is a great choice for sweaty afternoons in the fields. Lots of flavours to choose from, but be careful with their 7% pear cider which might be a bit punchy for all day drinking.

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Hydravive rapid regeneration Electrolytes

Not just for hardcore athletes, these Electrolyte powder sachets are the secret weapon to fending off the morning after not listening to my advice about drinking pear cider all day! Get rehydrated and ready for the next sesh with these hydration boosting drink sachets.

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Forever Aloe Vera – health & wellness

Keep fresh and healthy with this selection of products from The Aloe Vera Centre. The Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant will keep you fresh however hot it gets, and the Forever Bright Toothgel will keep your mouth fresh with the healing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera. The Immune Gummies will give you 10 key vitamins (including Zinc) just right for offsetting the festival abuse you’re inflicting on your body! All the Bee Pollen energy boosting qualities and you’ll bee (pun intended) right up for a party day after day and night after night. The Aloe lip balm will keep your lips in perfect condition and ensure your lips don’t dry out even if you have been a bit negligent with your hydration…

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Skin & Tonic

From Soothing Rose Mist, and calming balm to bring order from the chaos of the festival ground. The calm clean cleansing balm will get you looking fresh and help clear all that glitter off your face while you’re at it!