Things to do for Halloween 2023 in London

If you’re looking for something more terrifying than the circle line on a Monday morning, then we have a list of Halloween treats for you this year.

Spooky Nightlife

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DJ Yoda – A Halloween Nightmare

DJ Yoda is going to be slicing and slashing it up @ Colours, Hoxton 27th November

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Halloween Ball at the Mansion

Epic fancy dress party with DJ’s and 2 dancefloors and live performers adding an extra dose of drama. @ a secret location (near Holburn) 28th Oct

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Outhaus – Seven Sins

OUTHAUS returns to The Clapham Grand! SEVEN SINS drops at The Grand on October 22nd 2022!

Join THE HAUS for the biggest, campest and naughtiest night…are you ready for some SEVEN SINS?

With VERY special guests to be announced, live shows, major DJ sets, gogo’s and a queer AF dancefloor it’s time to express yourself, so get your looks ready baby!

Spooky spots

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London – Month of the Dead

Not content with just one night of terror, there are a host of events happening over the captial from guided tours of some of the scariest spots in town, to cabaret feasts of the dead. Proceeds of the events contribute to the running of 7 London Cemetries.

If you fance a bit of freelance terror, then these are some of the spookiest spots to visit on your own and properly shit yourself up.

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Epping Forest

I dread to think how many people are buried in these woods. There’s no shortage of ghoastly sightings in these woods, so grab a few garden lantens and go a freak yourself out properly. I’m sure there are a few mushrooms about too, if you want to really mess with your head!

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The Clink Prison

Just be grateful you didn’t end up here in the olden days! Many reports of goulish activity here! The Clink Prison Museum | 1 Clink St, London, SE1 9DG
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Highgate Cemetry

This is a truly spooky place to hangout. They open it up especially for dark and twisted people wanting to scare themselves on all hallows eve. I’m too lazy to dig out a link, so google it!