It’s that time of the year, when TNT steps up to help all you struggling to find the perfect gift! We’ve got a fanstastic selection this year for you to chose from.

books & games

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An atlas of Legendary Places

What better place to start a TNT Christmas guide than with an inspiring book of incredible places around the world. This is a great way to inspire youngsters to explore the globe!

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Voxblock audiobook player

This audiobook reader for kids is simple to use. Place the block on the player and it’s ready to play. Easy controls for small hands make it interactive with a huge range of stories, making this a great way to introduce youngsters to the joy of books.

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The Orpheous Project

What do you get when you cross an elite secret society with a young woman with Down Syndrome? Trouble mostly! This book is a story of abuse, privilage and reuniting families. A gripping read by Valerie Sinason.

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Artificial Wisdom

An enthralling murder mystery in a vivid futuristic world. Hard hitting questions about the climate, Artificial Intelligence and the price we would be willing to pay, as a species, to be saved.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 29

How did life end up with us?

Some pretty big questions of life the universe and everything get eloquently explained in words that everyone should be able to grasp! Some big topics to digest, like the big bang, thermodynamics and DNA.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 64

League of the Lexicon

This is the perfect game for anyone who loves words. If you dream of Susie Dent jumping out of a box, on Chirstmas morning donning nothing more than a big bow, this is probably the next best thing!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 37

Weird Walk

This intriguing book explores Britains strange and ancient places. Less of a ramblers guide and more of a stroll into folklore and history. Discover our nations past and connect with nature of all sorts of levels!

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Yonex badminton set

Perfect game for the garden or holiday.
This badminton set has two rackets and shuttles.
A great game for all the family.

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Joking Hazard

From the dark minds of Cyanide & Happiness, comes a game that evokes the darkness in us all. Build your own terrible comic strips with three or more players. Perfect for a bit of Christmas dinner table fun with Gran!

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Incohearent Game

Some of us are already aspiring to be pretty incohearent by about 2pm on Christmas day, for those still standing, this game is perfect. Can you work out the reality from the gibberish?

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Don’t over-think this one. It’s a dog stacking game. Challenge the whole family this Christmas.

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Same same but different, this is another stacking game, but with cats instead of dogs. Why not buy both and mix it up!

sports & outdoors

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 82

Helly Hansen Montragon waterproof boots

Perfect for hikes in typical British weather conditions! These lightweight waterproof boots have great grip and all-day comfort. Perfect for anyone who enjoys being out on the trails.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 10

Leatherman Bond

The Letherman multitool is one of the most versitile tools with a well earned reputation for durability and cutting edge design. The Bond squeezes 14 tools into this compact frame.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 52

Polar Pacer Pro

This sports watch with GPS, provides the perfect companion for anyone wanting to track their activities and enhance their performance. Give the new year health drive a kick start with this great device.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 80

Proviz reflective training top

Be safe and be seen with this vibrant training top,
with REFLECT360 patterning providing
great visibility out on the roads.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 81

Odin Backcountry Infinity Shell Jacket

Get off-piste, rather than piste-off with this awesome shell jacket, perfect for any outdoor pursuits where breathability and waterproofing are essential. With a focus on Ski Touring, this jacket won’t let you down.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 83

Snugpak SJ12

Snugpak know a thing or two about insulation, and this jacket is no exception! Their warmest insulated jacket to date. Wrap up and get snugly with this gift of warmth this Christmas.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 43

Doggylite V2 LED Dog Leash

LED light dog lead, perfect for winter evening walks with the pooch. This has rechargable batteries offering 6-8 hours of illumination, so the dog will certainly give up before the lights do!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 42

NightVision Belt

The NightVision Belt is an essential accessory for any nighttime activities. This belt boasts an integrated LED strip to provide powerful illumination. Whether you’re running, cycling, or taking a stroll, this belt ensures you’re seen and safe.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 41

Hemy Waterproof Socks

Who doesn’t love socks for Christmas! These are no ordinary socks, they are waterproof, perfect for water sports or any activity where having dry feet is a preference!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 60

Sealskinz Howe

The perfect companion to Hemy waterproof socks, these waterproof gloves from Sealskinz are ideal for getting out and about in the British weather. Stay dry and warm with plenty of grip.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 66

Little Hotdog Watson: Arctic Cub Hat

I challenge you to find a warmer and cuter hat. Little Hotdog Watson, make some of the funkiest kids hats on the planet, and this water resistant, furry lined hat is no different. It’s even got little ears… So cute!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 27

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Replica Scooter

The Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Signature Replica Gold/Black Stunt Scooter is perfect for any up and coming rider wanting to get into stunt scootering. It’s gold and black styling will certainly stand out at the skate park.

Time for pampering

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 45

Callen Olive Foot and Leg Care

Give your feet and legs a bit of help this winter, and replenish dry cracked heals with this heel saviour balm and leg and foot deep nourishing and restorative serum.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 59

The Pure Silk Sleep Set

This Silk Collection, luxury silk pillowcase and silk eye mask gift set is the perfect gift for that person who is impossible to buy for! This 100% pure silk pillowcase and 100% silk eye mask make the ultimate luxury sleep experience.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 35

Good Vibes Matchbox Earrings

Rid any evil energy in your life with these good vibes earrings. Good vibes only with the hamsa and evil eye MATCHBOX with gold plating and cubic zirconia stones. Available in gold and silver

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 34

Moak Skincare

METAMORPHIC Bio-Active Cleanser & Masque, CELLULAR An exfoliating emulsion that harnesses the natural strength of walnut shells and potent natural extracts, RESTORATIVE CBD Face & Body Elixir

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 32

Holy Lama Ayurvedic Massage Oil Gift Set

We just love the Holy Lama products, with their Ethical and sustainable credentials. This gift set includes lovely scented oils perfect for a good pampering massage.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 40

Step One Boxers

Bring a bit of cheer to ya baubles with these boxers from Aussie brand Step One. Bamboo viscose, friction reistant and 3D comfort pouch equipped boxers.

Home & Leisure

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Pagazzi Lyra & Cici Glass Table Lamp

Pagazzi lighting provide a classy look to any room, so give the gift of light this Christmas with a light from Pagazzi. We love this hammered glass effect base, fabric flex and fabric shade combo.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 24

Laica Dual Flo Kettle

This innovative kettle works in two ways, firstly as a normal kettle, but what makes this so special is the side spout that boils and dispenses the perfect amount of water for a single cuppa, making it very efficient.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 25

Laica GlasSmart filter bottle

Pour pure water from the fridge with this glass water filter bottle from Laica. What sets this apart from other filter solutions is that the filtering takes place when you pour, rather than slowly waiting to fill it up bit by bit.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 54

Stanley Aerolight Transit Mug

Aerolight™ Transit Mug is designed to be lightweight without compromising your desired liquid temperature. Keeping your drinks hot for 4 hours, or cold for 6 hours. It also has a leakproof drink-through lid.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 84

Snugpak Pakbox

Get your travels in order with these packing cubes from Snugpak. With various sizes from 1 litre up to 6 litres these are great ways to organise any trip or expedition. The mesh panels make it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 26

Classic Bundle Bed

Pimp up your camping or sleepover kit with a Bundle Bed. These are a complete sleeping solution in a roll with a hardy water reistant outer, self-inflating mattress, pillow and duvet. You will want every night to be a sleep over with the Bundle Bed!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 51

Ostrichpillow: Go Neck Pillow

The ultimate travel sleep companion! an erganomic neck pillow with the right support to provide proper posture to prevent neck and back pain. Made with memory foam and comes with a handy travel pouch.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 78


The perfect gift for the petrolhead in your life. Carly is the next level in car diagnostics providing detailed fault analysis for most modern cars. It also allows you to add or remove settings in your car normally only available to mechanics.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 23

Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Lopper

The perfect gift for the green fingered! The Anvil Loppers have a patented gear mechanism that makes cutting easier compared to standard mechanisms. They are also very lightweight with their composite material.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 58

Chatham: Nevis Leather Waterproof boots

These fab boots from UK shoe manufacturer Chatham are perfect for anyone looking for a rugged yet stylish leather boot. Check out the rest of the Chatham range.

Music & Tech

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 20

Marshall: Emberton II bluetooth speaker

Don’t let this speakers diminuative size decieve you, this speaker packs a real punch! with 30+ hours of playback it will provide plenty of power to the party. It’s not just for old rockers either, the sonic ability of this speaker sounds incredible for any type of music.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 21

Fairphone 5

If only all phone makers thought like this, the world would be a much better place. This phone defies the mass consumption of mobile phones and offers a much more sustainable solution. It even comes with a screwdriver so you can fix it yourself. It comes with at least 10 years of software updates too! Take that iphone!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 57

Majority: D80 active speakers

These mini bookshelf speakers are ready for whatever you throw at them, with some very wide connectivity options (HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, USB and optical). They are perfect for pimping up your film or gaming experience.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 22

Gadhouse: Miles Speakers

These dynamic powered speakers from Gadhouse are the first speaker to land in the UK from this Thai audio specialist Gadhouse. They offer plenty of connection options and sound fabulous, with lots of detail and soundstage.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 76

PSB: M4U 9

Take your private listening to the next level with these exceptional headphones from Canadian audiophile speaker experts PSB. With oustanding sonics, build quality and noise cancellation, they are a great choice for any muso!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 77

1MORE: SonoFlow

These budget cans compete well above their price range with great sound quality and active noise cancelling. They may not match the PSB’s for sonic clarity, but unless you’re a very critical listener these will be sure to please the ears!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 87

1MORE: Evo

This pair of earbuds from 1MORE again push way beyond their price tag in terms of sound quality and ANC. They offer hi-res audio, 6 mics for sound cancellation and 28hours of playtime!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 73

Edifier: TWS1 Pro 2

The most budget earbuds in our round up, these are such good value, they are less than £40 with decent sound cancellation and they sound great too. Edifier have a history of proving that price ins’t always the measure of great sound quality.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 33

Tozo: OpenBuds

Not perhaps the sonic performance I’ve raved about above, but these have a very diffeent application. Their open ear design means that they coexist with the world around you rather than blot it out, making them perfect for sports.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 67

Moonbird: Breathing device

Don’t mistake this for a clitoral stimulator, this has a very different purpose! Find your inner zen or state of calm with this breathing device that helps you focus on your breath and ease sleep issues, anxiety and stress.


%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 74

Good in Bread: Sourdough baking kit

Make the perfect sourdough at home this this great starter kit from bread masters ‘Good in Bread’. The kit has everything you need including live organic starter.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 79

Sourhouse: Goldie

For more advanced sourdough aficionadough’s this is the perfect gift! Sourdough all starts with the starter! This device will get your starter at the optimum temperature for the best results.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 47

Bred by Ed Tatton

Vegan chef and artisan bread-maker shares his techniques for making naturally leavened sourdough loaves and small breads. It’s vegan, but tasty (unlike the cheese!). This is a lovely book with loads of inspiration.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 56

Bird and Blend Loose Tea Starter Kit

Put the kettle on! It’s time for a proper brew! This Loose Tea Starter Kit has everything you need for the perfect cuppa.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 62

Masontops: Fermentation kit

Use Masontops complete at home wide mouth fermentation kit to make your own vegetable ferments. With this easy-to-use kit, you can make sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and plenty more.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 48

Fattoria La Vialla – Good Cheer hamper

Fattoria La Vialla is a family-run, organic-biodynamic farm and wine estate. the Good Cheer hamper is crammed full of treats from Chianti, Vernaccia di San Gimignano white wine and Ca’Dell’Oro Rose, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Tuscan Fennel Sausages, Spaghetti, Ribbon egg pasta, Spicy tomato Sauce, Wild Boar Sauce, Viallini biscuits and chocolate truffles, it’s like the best night in the Italian countryside in a box!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 36

Farhi: Caramelised & Roasted Nut Selection

A sumptuous selection of roasted and caramelised nuts, presented in a gift box

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 72

Chocolate & Rum Torrone by D. Barbero

It’s got chocolate, rum, nuts and Italian nougat, what’s not to like!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 65

Judge: Insulated Tiffin set

I fell in love with the concept of the Indian Tiffin pots after learning of the Dabbawalas delivering homecooked meals in Mumbai, so I now expect my wife to jump on the train and deliver me a piping hot curry at my desk every lunchtime!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 38

Peugeot Saveurs: Paris Nature Mills

Ok, let’s get the obligitory jokes about french cars out of the way! It turn’s out Peugeot also have a huge homeware range. These rustic wooden mills for both salt and pepper are really rather lovely.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 85

Weber: Connect Smart Grilling Hub

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub is your secret ingredient to perfectly barbecued food. It’s a step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications directly to your smart phone, on everything from a food-readiness countdown, to when it’s time to “flip-and-serve”.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 61

Camerons Stovetop Smoker

Smoke-cooking with a Cameron stovetop smoker is a great way to infuse flavour without the use of fats, salts or oils and that means no added calories either. Hot smoking retains moisture and natural cooking flavours so foods don’t dry out or get tough.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 30

Opies Fruits with Alcohol collection

Black Cherries infused in Luxardo Kirsch, Peaches in Brandy, Forest fruits in Mulled Gin and Pears in Amaretto. Opies fruits are the epitomy of Christmas indulgence. Available in Waitrose or direct from Bennetopie.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 49

Norden Grill Chef Cast Iron Pot

Perfect pot for cooking out on the grill, suited for both indoor and outdoor cooking with it’s cast iron construction and Thermium coating.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 55

Coravin Six+ Wine Preservation System

This is the ultimate companion for anyone who takes their wine seriously. The Coravin system is like magic as it allows you to pour wine by the glass from a corked or screw cap bottle yet retain the life of the wine in the bottle for months or even years. So you can enjoy a single glass without cracking open a whole bottle of expensive wine! It’s pretty damn close to real Magic!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 39

Peugeot Saveurs: Elis Touch Corkscrew

No more broken bits of cork floating in your glass! This electric corkscrew takes all the potential for disaster away from opening a bottle of wine, as it effortlessly removes the cork for you. With a rechargable battery it can open 40 bottles on a single charge, so that should sort out even the biggest of Christmas knees up’s.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 31

Spice Drops: Cocktail spices collection

Pimp up your Christmas cocktails with this interesting selection of extracts. With the same super ethical business from the team at Holy Lama, these are sure to add a bit of spice to your Christmas tipples.

Christmas tipples

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 15

Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac

The 2017 vintage of the VSOP Borderies, is almost entirely made with fruit from their own estates exclusively in the Borderies region in Cognac.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 10 1


The classic Orange Liqueur Triple Sec is the staple for many classic cocktails, and it’s unmistakable aromas of orange peels. It’s not really Christmas without a bottle of this somewhere.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 17

Metaxa: Private Reserve

I’m not sure Brandy gets much better than this! Now some might argue it’s not officially a brandy, but let’s not get into semantics, this is a welcome treat for any brandy lover.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 3

Villa Domiziano Prosecco

Pure, fresh and energised on the nose with enticing flavours of citrus and apple. The palate has a light and soft texture, with a clean mineral finish. Cin cin!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 2

La Gioiosa Asolo Prosecco

This prosecco is available exclusively from Waitrose, and is well worth a try. It’s fruity and flowery with hints of apple.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 5 1

Folc English Rose 2022

English wine is going from strength to strength, and with wines like this on offer, it’s no surprise why! This is a really fresh and punchy Rose.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 7

Limoncello by Assuntina di Capri

The last time I had a Limoncello was at a lovely restaurant on the Island of Sardinia, and this bottle takes me right back there! It’s just pure Italy in a glass. Perfectly crisp and tart lemons.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 19

‘Nikka Whisky from the Barrel’ Silhouette pack

If you like whisky, then you’re in for a treat here. If you’re not so into whiskey then read on, as this is a real firecracker! It hits pretty hard, but has depth and subtlety too. I’m a big fan, but do prefer it over ice!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 16

Gulliver’s 47 Pedro Ximénez Sherry Casks Whisky

This English Whisky from Samuel Gulliver & Co is a really lovely Sherry casked whisky. It’s fruity and sweet with a hint of orange. Well worth a go!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 13

Jura 14 Year Old

A fairly smooth and deep Whisky from Jura. A really approachable Whisky perfect for someone getting into Malts.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 14

Tamnavulin Malt Whisky

Another very approachable Whisky! This Speyside single malt is another great Whiskey for a seasoned fan or someone starting out into Whisky discovery.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 8

Summerton Whisky Club

This is a gift that keeps giving! The Summerton Whisky Club membership is a great way to really explore some outstanding whisky like this Swedish Single Malt, which I must say is a bit of a triumph! Founded back in 1999 by 8 mates who thought it was about time Sweden made a whiskey!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 6

Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum

This is a really nice blend of Carribean rum, at 46.2% it’s also quite strong! It’s got loads of flavour and works really well in a dark and stormy!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 1

Merser & Co Signature Rum

A lovely golden rum from Barbados, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Trinidad, then finished in London. Another one which goes well with ginger!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 9

Finders Spirit of Christmas Pudding Spiced Rum

Our last rum in the selection had to be a spiced rum, and what’s not to like about this Christmas Pudding rum. Happy Christmas rum lovers!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 12

McQueen Clementine & Cinnamon Gin

Another delightful taste of Christmas in a glass. Stick this in a glass with some tonic and orange peel and stick on some Bublé

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 4

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

This is a cracking Islay gin. Gin’s got a bit lost over the last few years with everyone trying to do something note worthy. This is however noteworthy as it’s just a bloody good gin, perfect over ice with tonic and some lemon!

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 18

Hayman’s Old Tom Gin

A really nice old tom gin. It’s a little sweeter, but well balanced and Cracking in a martini.

%TNT Magazine% TNT Christmas 23 11

Warninks Advocaat

Another Christmas staple is eggnog. Not for everyone, but this does make a good snowball.