The Mophie Powerbank

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The Mophie Powerbank is the perfect companion for anyone travelling with a modern smartphone. Avoid hunting around airport gates looking for a charging point and take enough charge with you to keep you powered up all the way through any long haul flight. The Mophie powerbank comes with a USB C charging cable, power level indicator lights on the site, and a stylish fabric finish. At less than thirty quid, it’s a perfect gift for the travellers in your life.


GP ReCyko+ CHARGE AnyWay 3in1

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Sticking with power banks, we’ve got a multi purpose and travel focussed solution from GP. This hybrid device works as a usb battery charger, USB Power bank and as rechargeable AA batteries for other devices. It’s been built with travel in mind, using special lithium free batteries, to ensure you get no grief at check-in for having lithium batteries. The versatility of this device makes it perfect for travel.


Groov-e Elite Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Apart from an upgrade to business class, there’s no better way to improve the quality of your flight than to invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Technology has come on so far in recent years, and no longer are you limited to very expensive offerings from people like Bose. These Groove-E cans are just the job for taking the edge of the relentless drone of an aeroplane cabin. Whilst they might lack some of the finesse of more expensive offerings, these headphones provide a great bang for your buck at just shy of £60.


Mackie Free Play Go Bluetooth speaker

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I won’t go anywhere without a bluetooth speaker, and this compact unit from Mackie offers a superb sound for such a small speaker. Mackie have been producing live PA and studio speakers for years, so they know something about good sound reproduction, and this speaker doesn’t disappoint in that respect. It’s built to last, with a very robust design, and offers up to 15 hours playback. You can currently pick one up for £129 on Amazon.


Arlo wireless security cameras

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Arlo offer some of the most advanced security cameras on the market. Their wireless rechargable cameras can be placed nearly anywhere indoors or outside. Some of the the cameras can take a mobile sim, so you can place the camera in very remote locations where traditional wifi isn’t available. The flexibility of these units make for many applications, from day to day home security, peace of mind when you’re travelling, or even take it with you, and add a layer of reassurance of your rental property or hotel room. These cameras have very advanced technology to identify differences in motion from Vehicles, People and Animals so you can make sure you only get notifications of movement you want to see. Arlo cameras come in various different options with different levels of resolution and features. 


Kambukka water bottles

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Kambukka water bottles are some of the best you can buy with loads of really great features. Single use plastic bottles are a massive environmental issue, and alternatives are often not very good with leaky lids or clunky designs. The guys at Kambukka have really thought their product through, with a special lockable spout which works really well. It’s got a hook so you can clip it to your bag, and genuinely is the best bottle I’ve ever used. They come in many sizes and colours, and prices start at around £15 so a perfect stocking filler!


Activ5 – Portable Strength Training Device and App

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This device is perfect for those wanting to stay fit when on the move. This app enabled puck, can be used in various ways to track your strength and perfect your form. Its pressure sensors track your workout to see how effective your activities are and help push you by giving you a visual realtime view of how hard you are working out. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and works with most Android and Apple phones via the Activ5 app.



Jamaica Cove Pinapple rum

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What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a spiced Rum. This pineapple Rum is delicious, and a perfect fruity rum served over ice or with your favourite mixer.


NorthMoor navy strength gin

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Give Christmas a bit of a kick with this 57% Navy Strength Gin from Northmoor. Based on Exmoor, this gin has been tweaked with 12 botanicals to make the most of this navy strength tipple.