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Wave goodbye to mince pies and say hello to thin thighs with these post-festive fitness classes.

The average person eats 26 mince pies at Christmas time. ‘I’m not average,’ we hear you say, but don’t kid yourself. Even if you weren’t chowing down on mince pies, chances are you’ve been gorging yourself on festive food with the rest of us. It’s just what you do in December. But not in January. January is the time for cleansing the soul, ridding yourself of Christmas party regrets and shifting those holiday pounds.

Many of us also include ‘meet new people’, ‘try something new’ and ‘look ridiculously hot’ in our new year’s resolutions, so why not combine your goals? Here are our top fitness class suggestions for 2014...

Join a sports team

Dodge ball: You can’t go wrong with a game that consists of throwing giant balls at your opponents. You also can’t go wrong with a game where short shorts, an 80s ‘tash and a white headband is the norm. run a city-wide dodgeball league with teams based all over London. Seasons last 8-12 weeks and you can sign up as a group or as an individual. They also organise legendary costume weeks, after-parties and beer pong. Sorry, did we say exercise?

Details: Dodge ball individual entry for 8weeks, £45. Team entry, £450-£495.

Get yourself some serious guns

Military fitness: Nothing says ‘fitness’ like a beefed-up drill sergeant barking commands at you as you buckle at the knee and barf up a lung. But pain is beauty and there’s no better way for getting in shape stat. British Military Fit runs outdoor classes at all the main parks in London (we know it’s cold but stop whining, this isn’t for wimps). Army personnel will give you a run for your money (literally) with a whole body workout that will “improve your speed, agility, strength and stamina”. Basically you’re gonna get big.

Details: £45 a month for four classes, £58 for one month of unlimited classes. Classes meet most days.



Burn off that holiday chub, Londoners...
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