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When there are options including the pub and your sofa, why oh why would you ever choose to go to the gym instead?

However, what if we told you that recent studies have found that long sessions at the gym are infinitely less effective than short, sharp blasts of exercise? We’re talking a maximum of 15 minutes a day here. According to Jagir Singh, owner of educogym City, the key is intensity. ”Working out at 80% of your maximum intensity for five minutes is much more beneficial than working out at 40% of your maximum intensity for 60 minutes,” he says. “The increased level of intensity puts a much greater demand on the body and so it responds in a much more positive fashion. You will put on more muscle, lose more fat, plus your fitness and energy levels will dramatically improve.”

Book in with educogym City’s personal trainers and they will ensure that you are training with the correct technique and intensity, as well as offering nutritional advice and follow-up assessments. Packages start from £347 per month.

If that still sounds like too much effort (or money), try working these super-speedy exercises into your routine, supplied by Liam Barret and Philip Brown of The Fit Scene. It’s easy – you can do them during the ad break or when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. Every little helps...

The fat blaster: one minute

If your idea of the perfect workout is running like a lunatic for the no.36 bus, then you are in luck, as this exercise is very similar. In line with Singh’s earlier points, scientific research has shown that steady aerobic training is a far less productive way to burn off fat than quick sprints.

“Sprints will create greater fat loss over a shorter period of time, which is perfect for our busy lifestyles,” says Barrett.

How to do it: Find somewhere you can sprint for 15 seconds, then rest for five seconds. You’ll need to do this three times in total.

The leg leaner: two minutes

Hot pants, short shorts, Bermudas or Speedos: one way or another you’ll be getting your pins out this summer. So you’ll need to tone your legs and bum now, quickly and efficiently. Squats are a great functional movement that, if performed correctly, will promote improved lower body and core strength. “By adding in isometric squat holds, you will be working the muscle while under contraction, even though you will not be moving the joints at that time. These squats are a great at helping to tone the legs and bum,” says Brown.

How to do it: Perform 10 squats going through the full range of the movement, making sure your knee is at 90-degrees at the lowest point. After performing 10 of these, hold the lowest point in the squat for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.


Finding it hard to fit exercise into your life? Easy - just have a quickie...
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