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Get each other’s hearts racing in and out of the bedroom with these couples workouts...

Gone are the days when you couldn’t bear to have a hair out of place when you met your loved one. Now it’s all about what you’re having for dinner, who put the last wash on, and who snores the loudest. But you could channel some of that routine in to something more productive and sweat it out together instead. Mounting evidence shows that couples who work out together, stay together. So with sweat patches no longer an issue, you can get down and dirty all over again with these couples classes that will keep you fighting fit well in to the New Year– and may well raise your heart rate for a few other couples activities as well.

Balance your boo: Yoga

Straddles, bridges and butt raises will do wonders for your body – and your sex life – and yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular couples’ routines. The slow stretches will give you time to connect as you stare into your partner’s eyes, and you can also use each other for balance, which may sound cheesy now, but when you’re bent over on one leg with your arm in the air and your neck careening over your toes, you’ll be thanking us. Creative Yoga London offers classes for lovers in which pairs physically (and emotionally) connect.

Details: For information on classes and prices, email

Spot each other: Trampolining

‘I will catch you when you fall’ goes the old romantic adage, so why not make it a reality? You and your partner can get bouncing on mini trampolines – o r‘trampettes’ – which will increase your heart rate and strengthen those thighs. You can even time your jumps so that your don’t lose each other’s gaze for a second. Awww. We think it might just put the spring in your step – especially, lads, when you see her lady lumps jiggling. Jumping Fitness Britain offer classes with trained instructors who will tell you everything you need to know.

Details: Classes meet on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings in Islington. Eight sessions cost £64.


Sweat together, stay together
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