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We won't beat about the bush (or field, in this case). Getting hold of the right camping gear is tricky; prices range wildly, there's loads out there, and knowing what's necessary and what isn't is not often easy to work out.

I've had the pleasure of testing a range of camping kit over the past few weeks, and these are the items that I'll be taking to Glastonbury this year. Some may appear a little silly, others a bit too sensible - but I love them, and you will too.

First up - the tent. I rate the Jack Wolfskin Exolight II and the Vango Langley 400. Both felt secure, were easy to put up and were well-ventilated, so I didn't wake up feeling like I'd slept in the boot of a car. However, the Langley 400 is a heavy piece of kit - but with two people carrying it, it should be fine. Vango also do a range of sleeping bags that kept us cosy in early spring - the Nitestar 450 and the Ultralite 600 are especially good. Paired with some pillows from home, a Cushtie pillow and our Campingaz Double Quick Airbed, my boyfriend and I slept soundly into the morning. I got up once in the night to tell a fox to shut up, and these LED camping lights were a godsend - no more fumbling for a missing torch or, Heaven forbid, using a lighter to find my way out of the tent.

If you own a mobile phone, please accept that it will run out of juice at some point and/or get damaged, and that's where this lot comes in. Phone chargers such as the Patriot FUEL, the Veho Pebble and this emergency phone charger all varied in price, but performed brilliantly. Don't forget that you might need a decent cover for your beloved iPhone - Otterbox and Lifeproof make cases that'll make sure your phone survives drizzle, being dropped in mud and being crushed in your pocket.

Being a seasoned camper already (yes, that's right - please don't mock), I had an array of cooking stuff, but this lot are new additions I am rather fond of. This five-piece non-stick cookset and kettle set means no more scrubbing at blackened pans or having to choose between having tea or food - you know, when you have to make your tea THEN cook your breakfast. Infuriating.


Carry on camping: Get set for this summer's festivals with the ultimate outdoors kit
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