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And what of clothing, you ask? Keep your crop tops - this is what I'll be rocking in the queue for overpriced cider. My Mantua packaway jacket, my Regatta Trinity jacket, some chunky hiking socks to ensure my wellies don't rub, and this Jack Wolfskin bag. Anyone who attempts to take a handbag to a festival with find out woefully soon what three days of mud and drunkenness does to leather and fragile straps.

In terms of footwear, my boyfriend rates his Bog's Men Blaze High Olive wellies. He is known for getting funny about footwear (delicate feet), but he wore these on a 10k walk and no no foot injuries occurred. I have tried to steal them, but he's having none of it.

Please don't attempt anything without a warm coat and at least three pairs of pants. I've heard of people trying to survive on less and you always find them in the Red Cross tent on day three, looking a bit sorry for themselves and wrapped in a blanket.

Finally - toiletries. Stop rolling your eyes. I know you think all you need is a flannel and a toothbrush, but that's not true. Here's what I took - and will be taking again. CB12 mouthrinse and boost chewing gum, Haymax hayfever balm, Dioralyte, Opticrom hayfever eye drops, Anthisan bite cream, Cuticura anti bacterial hand serum, Murad face wipes, and Bio-ears earplugs. Seriously, nothing is getting through these. I used them after being woken by that fox and I slept until mid-morning. If you get loads of spots due to excessive gin consumption, Sudocrem Skin Care Cream will sort you out. You will probably end up smelling, whatever you do, but Right Guard worked well for me when I spent three booze-fuelled days in a field.

Oh, and glow in the dark loo roll. I'm not kidding - finding normal loo roll in a dark tent is a horrific, especially if you're in a hurry, shall we say. And if you're planning on risking the showers, take one of these ultra-thin beach towels - it won't take up a huge amount of space, and my one dried mega-speedily, even in the weak March sunshine.

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