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A Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system, or MVHR as it’s commonly called, is used to exchange fresh air from the outside, with the stale indoor air in insulated buildings and houses, while making sure that none of the heat is lost in the exchange. It is considered to be a standard for most modern buildings in the UK, but just in case you are not quite sure about whether you need an MVHR in your building, here are six advantages to taking that decision that should be enough to convince anyone.

It’s Not Just Useful During Winter Months

While summers aren’t really that hot in the UK on most years, it can get pretty warm in certain parts of the country, such as Cornwall, Plymouth, Chichester, Salisbury, etc. By installing an MVHR system, you will not just equip the building with the capacity to retain heat during the colder months, but also the capacity to not let the cool indoor air from the air conditioner escape during summer.

Reduced Power Consumption

Whether it’s the air conditioner, or the boiler, all heating and cooling appliances consume a huge amount of electricity, which of course, translates to soaring energy bills. When a house is ventilated via a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system, it automatically decreases power consumption, since it provides the only form of ventilation that brings in fresh air, without affecting the air temperature too much. As the fresh air which the system draws in from outside is either made hotter or cooler to match the temperature of the air inside through heat exchange, people don’t really need to turn on the AC or the boiler too often once the temperature has reached a desirable point.

It Makes Insulation More Effective

In line with the last point, MVHR eliminates the need for traditional trickle vents or any other form of physical opening created with the purpose of ventilation. What this does is it allows for true insulation, without having to worry about the quality of the indoor air.

Prevention Against Fungus and Pests

A combination of complete insulation and proper ventilation means that insects and other pests won’t be able to enter your home, while mould and any other fungal growth won’t have the opportunity to breed since MVHR eliminates indoor condensation entirely.

Noise Isolation

If the building is beside a busy road, or if it’s in a loud neighbourhood, you would be able to block most of the noise out with proper soundproofing, without having to worry about blocked ventilation.

Fresh Air

When it gets freezing cold outside and opening the windows isn’t a feasible option anymore, managing ventilation can become a serious dilemma. The air circulating inside will eventually become stale with odours from the kitchen and the bathroom in particular, making it unbearable. As MVHR systems bring in fresh air from the outside, after warming it via heat exchange, both problems are solved simultaneously.

In spite of all the advantages that we just discussed, choosing the right MVHR system is extremely important. Unless you really have the necessary knowledge regarding the subject, we advise contacting an experienced professional before you finalise your selection. There are some technical requisites that need to be checked and fulfilled first.

6 Advantages of Installing a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System (MVHR)
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