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Ponds are a wonderful addition to any garden. They not only make the garden look prettier, but they also encourage wildlife to enter.

Pond plants can be added which benefit many aspects of your garden - from attracting bugs and birds to providing habitat for amphibians and butterflies. To help you get started creating your pond, we have put together this guide on how to create a pond.

Where should you place your pond in the garden?

You want to place the pond in a sunny location that is shaded during midday. Hereby you ensure that the plants have sufficient daylight and the wildlife can enjoy both shade and sun.

How do you create your pond?

To start, dig out an area of ground that will be large enough for your desired sized pond and water garden plants. Make sure to have the right equipment and power tools for this kind of job. The depth of the hole should range from two feet deep up to five feet. Of course, this is also dependent on your situation at home. Do you have young kids? This means you need to be careful with the depth of the pond.

What can you add to your pond?

There are many things that you can add to the pond, such as rocks or even a few plants for decoration. The next step is usually adding water and then placing your desired fish into it. Be sure not to overcrowd them- one pair of goldfish per two gallons of water should be sufficient enough! You can also go for a more Japanese-style pond, and add koi carpers and specific types of rock.

Why is adding plants to your pond important?

The pond plants you add to your pond will have a huge impact on the life inside of it. They're not only nice for decoration, but they provide shade and moisture, which are both very important features in a pond. Fish and water insects can also enjoy it.

Where can you buy fish and plants for the pond?

You can purchase fish and plants at any pond store, garden center, or even Walmart. You will want to shop around for the best prices and deals. The prices depend on the type of plants and fish you select. If you do not want to purchase fish and plants, your pond can become a natural habitat for wildlife. In this case, you will see the animals in your ecosystem making use of your pond. Ranging from ducks to local insects, the pond will emerge by itself. Of course, this takes some time to progress.

Types of pond styles

If you are looking to create a pond, several styles can be selected. A rectangular or square shape is the most common because it offers plenty of space for plants and wildlife. If your backyard is on a slope, consider trying an irregular shape that will prevent erosion by evenly distributing water flow.


How to Create a Pond: Garden Enhancements
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