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Moving to a new home? Let your mobile phone apps do the work


Let’s face it: moving house is a pain. And unless you’re one of the few people who gets kicks from organising tasks into finely tuned military operations, relocating is boring, too. These apps will whip you
right into shape on moving day.

House Cleaning List

WHAT IT DOES Losing a deposit sucks, so do your best to get it all back when you move out by cleaning thoroughly. This app includes pre-loaded to-do lists, which can be customised to suit your home and its particular state of disarray.
BEST FEATURE The app takes you through every little task individually, so you can focus your mind on your awesome new pad.
COST £0.69

Moving Checklist

WHAT IT DOES Don’t forget your last-minute packing, or the all-important milk to make your tea with when you get to your new pad. Create lists for four  and weeks ahead, moving day and for different rooms and check things off as you go.
BEST FEATURE The app carries suggested
list entries to jog your memory and there’s
a background bar tracking your progress.
COST £1.25

Moving Van

WHAT IT DOES If you’re familiar with the frustration at not being able to find your socks in the chaos of boxes and have work to go to, this app will calm your angry boots. Once each box is packed, take a picture of the contents on your phone, and assign it a number, so you can look without having to rummage through everything.
BEST FEATURE You can become even more of an organisation champion by assigning each box to a room.
COST £1.49

House Move

WHAT IT DOES Like Moving Checklist, it lets you compile lists for different stages up to moving date, on moving day and after. The lists are also pre-populated and customisable.
BEST FEATURE You can move tasks to the next list if you haven’t done them by the time you originally planned to.
COST £0.69

DocuSign Ink

WHAT IT DOES This lifesaving app lets you deal with any kind of emailed documents electronically, letting you sign and return them to the sender without needing to print a hard copy. It makes signing contracts a hell of a lot quicker, especially if you need to get it done sharpish while you’re out of the country.
BEST FEATURE The app is secure, so you don’t need to worry about your personal details getting into the wrong hands.
AVAILABLE ON Android, iPad, iPhone

Pearson Home Moving

WHAT IT DOES Gets you a quote to move your stuff via an app, so no faffing with your phone or laptop. Use it to count your household items in each room and how many square feet they take up. The app then adds the figures up and turns them into a quote for moving your stuff.
BEST FEATURE The app covers 4000 locations worldwide and also ships your belongings between countries.

Bubble level

WHAT IT DOES When unpacking, you might want to put up a few pictures or shelves to add the finishing touches to your new place. If you’re not usually the DIY type and don’t like to carry around a brimming toolkit, download yourself a virtual spirit level, which tells you whether you’re hanging stuff up straight. Simple, quick and easy to get to grips with.
BEST FEATURE It also displays the angle of tilt on the screen, so it’s more accurate. You can also blag that you’re guessing it in front of your housemates.


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