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Co-living has become more and more popular over the last few years and for good reason. There are countless advantages to co-living, with many young people choosing to share their space and reap the social and financial benefits (source: Co-Living Group). In this article we've covered the five big advantages of co-living and the main reasons why it has become so popular.

A Cheaper Way of Living

One of the huge advantages of co-living is the affordability aspect. Living and working in a city can be expensive and spending the majority of your wage on rent is not ideal. Sharing your communal space and rent with others means that young people, with perhaps not much saved, are able to live in the places they want to live.

Lower rent also means that those just moving to a new city have more disposable income to explore the area they've moved to, an attractive option for those exploring.

Co-living spaces also come furnished which means another expense you can forget about. This makes them perfect for those moving out for the first time or moving to a new city and leaving everything behind. This makes the move in process cheap and relatively stress-free, an appealing option for many including those moving out for the first time.

A Pre-Built Community

Another upside to co-living is the pre-built community you can benefit from. Moving to a new city can be very daunting and the idea of having company and a potential group of friends can be very appealing.

Cities can feel lonely for those who have just moved, if you don't have a community of friends around you a co-living space could mean the end of loneliness. Communal spaces like the living room and kitchen offer a great place to socialise at the end of the day and mean that there is no real way to feel isolated or lonely.

 Privacy and Independence Combined

Alongside that pre-built community, co-living spaces offer tenants the privacy and independence many crave. Having your own private space is vital to many. Co-living is to traditional co-habiting what live-in care is to traditional residential care for older people (source: Better Healthcare). The end goal is not dissimilar: a relative cared for in the care of live-in care and a more social and cost-effective way of living in the case of co-living.

Unlike a traditional house share, co-living has the advantage of clearly defined private space. Your room is your own and having a private bathroom means you will never be late to work because you were queueing outside the bathroom. Co-living offers a perfect balance of community and privacy.

Makes Moving Cities Easier

For those who find themselves moving often, co-living can be a fantastic option for housing. If your work means that you move often, or you find yourself growing tired of the city you live in, quickly moving from one co-living space to the next means significantly less stress than moving from house to house.

With a pre-furnished house there's no need to move furniture and that pre-built community of potential friends makes moving from place to place less isolating. Co-living spaces have become popular with those who consider themselves digital nomads, working from wherever they please. Co-living allows for regular moves from city to city with little stress. Many people have even used co-living to move from country to country for the same reasons.

Saving Money

Many young people living and working in cities find themselves unable to save because of extortionate rent. Co-living allows people to save a significant amount of their earnings because the rent is so much lower. Whether you are saving for a house or hoping to pay off your student loans, co-living can be a great option for those looking to save while they work.

Why Is Co-Living Becoming More Popular?
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