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That last pint isn't going to buy itself, so it may be just the time to get yourself a job.

Your bags aren’t quite unpacked and you’ve barely had time to tell your mum you’ve landed safely – but already your pockets are light. This is London after all. Gone are dreams of frolicking in Hyde Park and washing down fish and chips with pint after pint. It’s time to get a job. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We happen to know which industries hire Antipodeans like they’re dying out, and we’re sharing our insider info with you. In no time you’ll be exchanging Europiss fizz for a shaken Martini. It’s what James Bond drinks; and you’re on his home turf after all.


Hospitality jobs abound in London with its busy bar and restaurant scene. From pulling pints in old-fashioned boozers to serving up delicacies in upmarket venues, there are many openings and experience requirements are broad. If you’ve got a background in hospitality there’s scope for moving into the hotel industry. Concierge and receptionists require a winning smile and a good sense of humour; management jobs are busier but with so many hotels in the city, you’ll find a good fit.

Suits you if: You’re sociable and energetic, happy to have a job that keeps you on your feet and enjoy a stiff drink with the team now and again.

Got the skills? Bar and restaurant jobs don’t always require experience, although it can help. And if you’re a trained cocktail mixologist? Well, you’re in. No other city in the world appreciates a good Sex on the Beach more. Ironic, given the weather.

Money and hours: If you have bar tending qualifications – this could be an IBA certificate or a WSET in bar work in the UK – you can earn up to £16,000pa. Otherwise you’ll be closer to minimum wage. But you can bank on getting extra tips for that accent. Part-time hours are offered but shifts can be late. A hotel salary ranges from £20,000-£40,000 depending on experience.

Care work

Nannying is a British tradition (think Mary Poppins) so London is awash with agencies that can set you up with a family and many of the options are live-in. Great if you’re currently homeless. Housekeeping jobs are also set up this way. If screaming children scare you off you could work with the elderly or disabled, though experience is needed.

Suits you if: You’re patient, compassionate and you own a flying umbrella (not really).

Got the skills? For full-time nannying jobs, Cache level 1,2,3, BTEC, NNEB or a degree in early childhood is required and background checks will be carried out. Carers are vetted and interviewed by specialists before they’re hired.

Money and hours: Live-in hours can be demanding (10-12 hours a day) but the pay is good: £400-500 a week for a nannying job and up to £750 as a home-carer, though this requires being on call 24 hours a day. With rent and food often covered, the savings here are easily an extra plane ticket home.


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